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Bullet Journal Collections – Huge list with 100+ bujo collection ideas

Bullet Journal Ideas for beginners in 2021

Looking for bullet journal ideas to add to your notebook? Below I share over 100 amazing Bullet Journal Collections to try.

The term might seem a bit confusing for a bujo newbie but it is essentially a collection of related data from a particular topic.

I have loads of bullet journal list ideas below plus more detailed explanation about bujo collections, so keep reading!

But before we start this post let’s go over again of the important bullet journal setup ideas:

Bullet Journal Key

Bullet Journal Index

Bullet Journal Future Log

Bullet Journal Monthly Spreads

Bullet Journal Weekly Spreads

Bullet Journal Daily Spreads

Bullet Journal Collections – we are talking about it in this post!

Bullet Journal Supplies

Just check the links above if you are interested in any particular post of this series, otherwise let’s get started with the bujo collection ideas.

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What is a Bullet Journal Collection? (aka bujo page)

If you are new to bullet journaling maybe you don’t know what exactly a bullet journal collection is.

Simply put a collection is a just a bunch of related ideas grouped together, like bullet journal inserts, and they can be in any form!

It could be a list of things you plan to do, places to visit, things to buy, stuff to try, your future log… The list goes on indefinitely. It could be literally anything!

Regarding the bullet journal method some collections are inherited to the system, such as you daily and month logs, and most people use them.

Every log and entry in your bullet journal is a collection – because they are groups of related things.

household bullet journal collections

However, we have also the Custom Bullet Journal Collections. These are collections that people make based on their own interests and needs.

It is pretty much anything else other than your bullet journal calendar pages.

For instance a person may add bullet journal collections such as cleaning tasks, books to read and bucket list destinations.

Another person may have collections such as date night ideas, movie watch collection and home improvement spreads.

Your awesome bullet journal collection spreads will be a reflection of what you need or want to track.


Bullet Journal Collection Ideas

As I mentioned above, collections in bullet journals can be anything! However I have a comprehensive list of bullet journal pages and habit tracker ideas that will help make your own custom collections.

I have separated them in different categories so you can browse through your interests. I hope you enjoy ti!


Productivity bullet journal ideas

Some cool bullet journal ideas for work and also for students, view the productivity spreads and pages below:

year in pixels bullet journal


Physical and Mental Health collection pages

Popular health related ideas for bullet journal:

Step Tracker for Bullet Journal


Personal growth bujo ideas

Here are some of my favorite for bullet journal page ideas for personal development collections:

gratitude log bullet journal collection
Gratitude bullet journal lists


Household journal page ideas

It is also popular among bullet journalers to add house related journaling lists. Here are a few inspiring ideas for your bullet journal book:


bullet journal ideas for home improvement
Home Improvement Bullet journal ideas


Family life collection ideas

Here you can get super creative and have pages in your journal to list or track family related items. Find below some list journal ideas for family life collections:

  • Funny quotes from your kids

  • Places to bring your family

  • Date ideas (couples, parents etc)

  • Family game night ideas

  • Social groups/play date groups

  • School shopping lists

  • Allergy/diet info

  • Insurance info

  • Pet tracker/info

  • Contact info (medical, insurance, family etc)

meal planning bullet journal collection
Meal planning and bullet journal shopping list


Favorite interests bujo page ideas

Here are some bullet journal spreads that you can add to your notebook to keep tabs of the stuff you love:

  • Favorite movies

  • Favorite TV shows

  • Favorite songs and artists

  • Books to read

  • Books already read

  • Things and activities to do

  • Favorite quotes

  • Activities to do

  • Capsule wardrobe

  • Scripture

  • Prayer list

  • Crafts to try

  • Washi Tape Swatch

  • Fave or Reference Websites

  • YouTube videos

  • Favorite pins

  • Favorite things on Instagram

  • Favorite Bujo Fonts

washi tape swatch
Washi tape dot journal ideas


Financial bullet journal page ideas

  • Specific savings goals

  • Budget spreads

  • Daily personal expenses

  • Daily business expenses

  • Records for tax returns

  • Household finance info

  • Debt tracker

  • Bill payment tracker

  • Money savings challenges

  • No spend

  • Couponing

bullet journal spending tracker
Spending tracker page ideas


Travel journal list ideas

Don’t forget to add some bullet journal inspiration related to travel and outdoorsy activities. These collections are fun and you can fill it up throughout the entire year.

  • Places to go and see (bullet journal bucket list)

  • Vacation planning

  • Saving money for travel

  • Places you have been

  • Shopping list for traveling items

  • Packing list

  • Souvenirs to bring back

  • National parks visited

ideas travel journal
Ideas for your travel journal


Best Bullet Journal Ideas for pretty spreads

When you are done choosing which pages you will be adding to your bullet journal notebook don’t forget to add some details to make it your own or colorful if you like:

You can use washi tapes and sticky notes to add not only color to your page but also to keep using the same spread even when tracked items  change every week, as it is the case with a shopping and mean planner.


So, I hope you liked this list of journal planner ideas. Tell me, what are your favorite bullet journal collections?

What are some bullet journal ideas that you can’t live without?



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  1. I do cosplay and costume design, so one of my favorite bujo collections is my cosplay to-do’s and the sketches of my plans 🙂

    I also really liked when I did an anxiety tracker. I did it with stickers. They were green, orange, and red. Greens were good days, orange were okay days, and red were full-panic days. It was nice to see my progress when I got better at managing it. 🙂

    • Oh, I love the idea with the Cosplay Kaci! It sounds so much fun. And trackers are amazing aren’t they? It kind of blows my mind that just becoming more aware of our feelings, moods etc can make such a difference. You will have to show us some pictures of your cosplay to-do maybe? We love seeing our readers pages.


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