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25 Amazing Bullet Journal Weekly Spread Ideas To Try Today + Free Weekly Page Printable

25 Amazing Bullet Journal Weekly Spread Ideas To Try Today + Free Weekly Page Printable

Weekly Bullet Journal Spread for 2024

Learn what a bullet journal weekly spread is and find lots of page ideas to get you inspired!

The bullet journal weekly spread or weekly log is the most common way to log your entries in your journal.

Even if you are a big fan of dailies, many people see the advantage of also having a weekly spread in the bullet journal.

Unlike the monthly spreads which are used for a general overview of the entire month, a weekly spread gives you the opportunity to add more entries and makes it easy to migrate tasks.

There are infinite ways that you can set your bullet journal weekly spreads up, which can depend on your personal preferences and how much you need to log.

This might vary throughout the year and change depending on how busy you are. 

If you are just getting started and unsure what bullet journal weekly layout is best for you, I am here to give some ideas to inspire you!

So read on for all the amazing bujo weekly layout ideas shown below.


Tip: If you are new to bujo and all this I have written above makes no sense to you yet, here are a few articles you should check out! The bullet journal systems consist of:

  1. Bullet Journal Key
  2. Bullet Journal Index
  3. Bullet Journal Future Log
  4. Bullet Journal Monthly Spreads
  5. Bullet Journal Weekly Spreads – You are here! 
  6. Bullet Journal Daily Spreads
  7. Custom Bullet Journal Collections


What is a bullet journal weekly spread

Weeklies are journaling pages that include a section for each day where you add your ongoing task log, to-do lists, notes, weekly trackers, an ongoing task log, and anything else you need for the week.

It is similar to the monthly spread but a bujo weekly spread gives an overview of the week ahead.

In the weekly is how you can use rapid logging to track what tasks you have done and what needs to be migrated or canceled.

bullet journal weekly layout

Bullet Journal Weekly Spread


Bullet journal weekly vs. daily

In the bullet journal community, we use the words weekly and daily almost interchangeably.

A daily and weekly spread are both a layout where you add your tasks for the day, complete them and add notes about a day. The difference is how the layout looks like.

A bullet journal weekly log generally is a one or two-page spread that shows the whole week, either divided into boxes or columns and rows.

Dailies are usually one page and only focus on that one day.

You can use either weekly or daily or both, it all depends on how busy your week is or how much you want to write in your journal.

I use a daily only when I do journaling in my bullet journal but it is all up to you!


Bullet Journal Daily Spread Ideas That Will Make You More Productive + Free Daily Page Printable


Amazing Bullet Journal Weekly Log Inspiration


  • Colorful bullet journal weekly spread ideas

Impossible not to love these colorful weekly planner ideas.

If you are feeling artistic, check out the ideas below to get inspired for your next journal weekly log.

I love a little bit of color on my bullet journal weekly setup.

This weekly bullet journal has everything you need to get organized as well as look amazing. 

I love that this weekly bujo spread has a cover page to keep you inspired and motivated for the whole week. 


  • Minimalist weekly layout for bullet journal

On the other hand, if you prefer a clean-looking spread to work with, then this minimalist-looking planner weekly spread will be so right for you!

50 Minimalist Bullet Journal Weekly Spread Ideas


  • Simple bullet journal weekly planner ideas

If you are not looking for a completely minimalist look but also don’t feel like putting too much time and creativity to create colorful spreads, then these simple spreads ideas might be the right ones for you.

These spreads are a great compromise if you like a bit of color but don’t have time or skills to turn your weekly planner spread into a piece of art.


  • One page weekly planner for bullet journal

Some planners need only one page for their weekly logging. If that is the case for you, here are some one-page weekly layout ideas that you can try as well.


  • All in one weekly journal planner ideas

I personally prefer using a separate page for other collections such as habit tracker, mood tracker, and meal planning.

However, if you enjoy having all the info easily accessible in your weekly planner layout then these templates below are the perfect examples for you to try.

Here you can add all of your trackers, birthday notes, meal planning, weather, and of course your task entries.


  • Work or school weekly planning pages

I love these kinds of spreads for work-related or school planning pages.

Free Weekly Spread Printable



Looking for more bujo spread ideas? Check out the post below.


Bullet Journal Collections - Huge list with 100+ bujo collection ideas


I hope that these inspirational bullet journal weekly templates will help you find the perfect weekly spread layout that works best for you.

Tell me, what planner weekly calendar layout do you like most? Share with us in the comments below, we love hearing from our readers. 


Bullet Journal Weekly SpreadsBujo Weekly Layouts

The best bullet journal weekly spreads to try today

Weekly Layout Bullet Journal


LuAnn Braley

Monday 17th of December 2018

So many astounding weekly spreads for inspiration. I used a simple version of the first picture spread shown (from a week in April) I think, and am using it for the week of Dec 17 to Dec 23, 2018. I simplified what was there, and even though it's very basic, I am pleased with how it turned out.

Oh, found you on Pinterest doing a search for weekly layouts. Thought you'd like to know. :)

Diary of a Journal Planner

Tuesday 18th of December 2018

Hi LuAnne,

So great to hear you got some inspiration from the post. Sometimes I find it is easier to develop a good Bullet Journaling habit with a simple spread. We have just started a new facebook page here if you feel like you would like to share a picture with us? We would love to see your spread. We hope to build a gorgeous Bullet Journal community where we share ideas and inspiration. Thank you for taking the time to get in touch.

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