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New To Bullet Journaling Or Tried To Start A Bullet Journal And It Is Too Overwhelming?

We share the secrets to creating an effective and productive Bujo that works best for YOU!


Ready to start your bujo? Here’s how it works:

How to get organized with a bullet journal

1. Learn The Method

Here you can find everything you need to know to get started!

The Most Creative Ways to Use Washi Tape on Your Bullet Journal

2. Get Your Supplies

Find out what supplies you need and get creative!

How to draw flowers with our huge list of flower drawing tutorials

3. Get Inspired

Find inspiration for bullet journal collections!


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Bullet Journal Site Team

Lovers of bujo and washi tape. We believe that anyone can get organized and productive while being creative at the same time!

We share tutorials and inspiration to help you combine planning with creativity. Beat the overwhelm by getting focus and clarity on what really matters in your life.

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how to create a bullet journal to do list

Doodles, Bujo Printables and More

We love helping to make your life easier and more creative.

From easy-to-follow doodle tutorials, coloring pages to help you destress, as well as our popular Bullet Journal printables that save you time and help you be more productive, we have you covered.