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Why You Need To Start A Bullet Journal For Students Today

Why You Need To Start A Bullet Journal For Students Today

School Bullet Journal

Whether it’s High School, college or adult learning, find the best spreads and collections to put in a Bullet Journal for students.

Trying to keep on top of assignment due dates, study and your personal life can be tricky when you are a student. It can also be overwhelming and stressful.

Having a Bullet Journal for school is a simple tool that can help with anxiety, time management, and organization. It can also be a wonderful creative outlet which is a proven way to reduce stress levels and improve happiness

Keep reading to find out all the benefits of starting a Bullet Journal for school and some of the best layouts for students. 


Why Use A Bullet Journal For School?


  • Less Distraction

Using your phone, iPad or laptop to keep track of your calendar or study timetable can seem like a great idea until you get sidetracked by other apps, social media or the internet.

It is easy to waste precious study time by browsing and scrolling. A Bullet Journal can help you stay focused on your study tasks. 

  • Writing Things Helps You Remember Them

Using old fashioned pen and paper has been shown to help boost your memory. So writing your notes in a Bullet Journal is a great way to help you remember important dates, quotes and study information. 

  • More Organized

Using the right spreads and pages will help you keep all your tasks, study and priorities in one place. This makes it easy to reference, see what you need to do, and what you have already accomplished. 

  • More Productive

With the lack of distracting apps and better recall of information as benefits of a study bujo, you will already be more productive. But, you get even more productive when you learn to manage your time and prioritize by using tools like time blocking and rapid logging

  • Become More Self Aware

Learning your habits, moods, and motivations is a brilliant life skill. Knowing your own limits and capabilities means you can optimize your study time and habits. 

  • Can Reduce Stress

Obviously being more organized instantly reduces stress levels but there are other ways you can use a Bullet Journal to reduce stress. Using a brain dumpgratitude prompts, doodling or being creative in how you set out your journal can all help you be more mindful and less anxious. 


Bullet Journal For Study

 So all these benefits have got you excited, but it all seems a little overwhelming? 

All the terminology and amazing spreads you see online can make you afraid to start a bujo.

We promise though that it really is not as hard as it first seems and you will be surprised at how quickly you get used to the system.

As for the artistic side of journaling, it really is a personal preference ( and a fun experimental journey so don’t be afraid to make mistakes!). You can use themes, washi tape, drawing and paintings in your Bujo, or you can have a simpler minimalist journal

You can learn all the basics in our easy Starting a Bullet Journal Guide

To make sure you don’t forget any important details in your spreads just use our free printable Cheatsheet to help you.

How To Create Your Best Bujo With A Bullet Journal Cheat Sheet With Free Printable


Bullet Journal Supplies

If you are stationery addicts like us then it can be easy to get excited about all the amazing pens and accessories you can use in your Bujo. 

Luckily for those on a students budget though you actually only need a few basic supplies to start your Bullet Journal.

If you decide to go all out with a more artistic journal then take a look at what bullet journal accessories can help. 

Bullet Journal Accessories You Need To Create Your Best Bujo Yet


Bullet Journal Basics

These are the basic Bullet Journal pages you will want in your student planner.

The key to a successful bujo is to make these personalized to your needs and study. Be sure to experiment and try new things while you find a system that works really well for you. 

  • Index Page

bullet journal index

Keep track of all your important pages with an index at the start or end of your school planner. Click to find out more about how to use an index page. 


  • Key

Bujo Key For School


A bullet journal key will help you use your student bullet journal more efficiently with rapid logging. Find out how you can save time and effort with a bujo key


  • Future Log

Semester Overview Bullet Journal


This spread is great for students as you can easily see what tasks, assignments and other events you have coming up in the next few months.

This will help you plan and manage your time better. We show you how to create a future log here.


  • Monthly Spread

Monthly Spread for school


Don’t get surprised by a due date or test again! A Monthly spread can also help stop you from feeling overwhelmed with tasks and assignments as you can start creating action plans and study time well ahead of due dates!


  • Weekly Spread

Student Weekly Layout Bujo


After you have created your monthly spread then you can place all those action steps into your weekly spread! This is also a great spread to use to track habits you want to create, like study or exercise.


  • Daily Spread

Daily Spread Fro Students


If you have lots to keep up with (or would like to get creative daily) then a daily spread may work better for you than a weekly layout.

You may even find you need a daily log for semester time but only a weekly one during holidays. Remember a Bujo can be totally personalized and it is key to change your spreads when you need them!


Journal Ideas For Students


  • Goal Setting

Student Goals Bullet Journal


It is important to make sure you have the right kind of goals and action steps you can take towards achieving them. Find out the best way to set goals in your bullet journal here.


  • Bullet Journal Study Plan

Study Schedule Spread for Bullet Journal

Habit Tracker For Students



  • Bullet Journal School Schedule

School Spread For Bullet Journal



  • Bullet Journal Trackers For Students

Student Tracker Bullet Journal



Grade Tracker For Bullet Journal



  • Bullet Journal Class Schedule

School Spread for Bullet Journal



  • Brain Dump

Bujo Brain Dump

Doing a brain bump is a great tool for mental health. It can help you if you are feeling overwhelmed, unable to concentrate or focus. Find out how to do a brain dump in this post.


  • Assignment Tracker Bullet Journal

Assignment Tracker Bullet Journal



  • Bullet Journal For Class Notes

Class Notes Spread For bujo


You can have a separate journal for class notes or even use your student bujo as a back up if you leave your notebooks at home.


  • Bullet Journal Study Notes

Study Notes Layout For Bullet Journal


Be sure to write all those important study notes down to help you remember them!


  • Time blocking Spread

Productivity Spread For Bullet Journal

Time blocking can be a fantastic tool to help you be more productive. Remember to be realistic and to also allow time for all those important things like rest and social activities as well as study.


  • Self Care Layout

Looking after yourself is important when you are studying hard. Make sure you take time out to take care of yourself with a self-care spread

Self care bullet journal pages

If you want more ideas on what pages and collections you could add to your Student Bujo then check out the post below.

Bullet Journal Collections - Huge list with 100+ bujo collection ideas

One of the top tips for starting a Bullet Journal for School is to plan your spreads ahead, maybe even before the school year or semester starts.

This way you can hit the ground running with your planning and organization!

We also have a free email series where you can take simple action steps daily to create your bujo.


Are you a student that uses a Bullet Journal? We would love to hear about how you use it to study in the comments below. 


Bullet Journal Layouts For Study

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Bullet Journal Layouts for School

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