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How To Use A Bullet Journal Habit Tracker

How To Use A Bullet Journal Habit Tracker

How To Use A Bullet Journal Habit Tracker

Want to know what a habit tracker is and why you need a bullet journal habit tracker? We share everything you need to know about how to use a bullet journal habit tracker as well as the best habit tracker ideas. Keep reading to find how a bujo tracker can help you achieve your goals faster!

“Know yourself to improve yourself” ~ Auguste Comte

Getting to know yourself is maybe one of the hardest things we can do as a human… but once we do, it gives us the freedom to be ourselves, improve ourselves, and also be more patient with other people in our lives.

So what is the best way to get to know yourself?

If you love bujo’s, the good news is that one of the easiest ways to get to understand yourself is understanding your habits. Good and bad.

The best way to do this is through a bullet journal habit tracker. This can be in the form of a daily habit tracker, to systematically track daily activities such as sleeping hours and water intake.

But it could also be formatted in a weekly habit tracker or even a year in pixel bujo tracker for any habit that you don’t have to track daily like savings or weight loss

Since it is suggested that you journal regularly and daily, by keeping habit trackers in your bullet journal you can break habits you no longer want easily.

You can also create new habits that improve your life!

So read below for all the information you need about tracking habits in your bujo.

Need help starting your bullet journal? Click here to find our easy step-by-step guide to starting a bullet journal

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What Is A Bullet Journal Habit Tracker?

A Bullet Journal habit tracker is simply a dedicated space in your journal where you can mark down when you do something you want to become more aware of.  

A habits tracker is more than just putting pen to paper to keep count of when you do something though. 

Bullet Journal habit trackers are brilliant tools to use to become more mindful of your habits. A way to become more accountable to yourself and also the best way to either break a bad habit or create a new positive one.

A bullet journal habit tracker layout can be:

  1. For any habit or part of your life
  2. Can help you break old habits
  3. Can help you create new, enriching habits

So, how to use a habit tracker?


Why track habits?

By keeping a habit tracker bujo you are taking the first steps in changing a habit.

If you are not aware of unwanted behavior, how can you change it? Most habits we have are something we do subconsciously and we need help to take notice of them.

Once we start to watch ourselves by keeping a bullet journal habit tracker, we start to take more notes of our actions and emotions around that habit.

Then we begin to make our habits more conscious and make ourselves more accountable to change it.

They are also a brilliant way to help you work towards your goals! After you have set your goals you can then break these down into doable and actionable habits that you work towards daily, weekly or monthly. You might be surprised at how rewarding it is to see yourself working towards your dreams on paper and just how much it can keep you motivated!

It can also help you when you have important things in your life you need to work towards such as on study spreads.


How to Set Goals and Achieve Them: Goal Setting With A Bullet Journal


What do you track in your bullet Journal?

You might now be wondering, What habit tracker journal template is best for me?

Below, when I give you some examples of trackers, you will soon realize that there are many ways to actually track something. 

There is not going to be one habit tracker planner layout that fits or helps you with your whole life.

We think that one of the best habit tracker ideas is to create a special tracker bujo page where you keep an account of the habit you want to break or create.

For example, if you want to start being more healthy start a health tracker bullet journal. In this bullet journal tracker, you could include all those habits that will help you reach your goal. A few ideas are:

In addition, you could add a mood tracker in the bullet journal. Emotions and stress can play such a big part in how you act (such as emotional eating) so these trackers could also be valuable.

All this will help you see what habits you have got into that are preventing you from being healthy. And what you need to change.

The same thinking could be applied to any other habit you want to track.

Unicorn Mood tracker

A bullet journal habit tracker can literally take any form or shape, such as this cute unicorn mood tracker from Meraki Mother


Tracking your progress

Tracking your progress is a lot easier with some good bullet journal tracker spreads because it is a great way to document data in an easily digestible approach.

A monthly goal printable tracker could be used to keep track of your spending and help you save for something you really want (the goal), like that holiday in the Caribbean you have always dreamed of!

Every time you use your bullet journal spending tracker to record a saving you made, you will feel positive about your good habits and these small steps can help you achieve huge goals and dreams.

Another amazing thing about keeping something like a monthly or daily habit tracker is that it can make you happier. Seeing how much you have progressed with a habit is a great way to boost self-esteem.


How keeping a tracker bullet journal will make you more mindful

Deciding to keep a yearly goal tracker or even a monthly habit tracker will help you make so many self-improvements. The simple act of being more mindful is the key to success here.

Let’s say for example you want to spend less time on your phone and create a bullet journal social media tracker. You know that spending so much time on your phone is stopping you from working or enjoying real life.

All those glamorous social media accounts are also giving you a bad case of FOMO.

By using something like a printable habit tracker to a collection on your journal you see how often and when you tend to start your habit of phone scrolling, you are breaking the habit of an absentminded action.

You also become more aware of why you do it.

Maybe you do it when you are bored or are feeling a little low? Being mindful allows you to change your habit.

You can catch yourself when you feel emotions that trigger the habit and replace the habit you want to change with the one you would like to cultivate.

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Bullet journal habit tracker


Bullet Journal Tracker Ideas

It may take a little time and effort to discover exactly the right bullet journal habit tracker printable/template or spread you like most, but it will be worth it. Trying to change your habits is hard work but it is possible and it can be done.

Luckily for you, journaling about your habits is a great way to achieve success.

Our main piece of advice with any kind of tracker bullet journal spread you pick is to try and make it completely yours.

We are all different, have different wants and different ways of living. Just because one bullet journal fitness tracker, for example, may work for your friend, doesn’t mean it will work for you. It’s okay to borrow ideas from different trackers to create the perfect tracker for you. 

It is also okay to try a tracker and realize that it doesn’t work for you. This doesn’t mean that habit trackers are not your thing, it just means you haven’t found the right one for you. Keep experimenting. 

Below I have collected lots of examples to inspire you. Keep reading to find some of our favorite habit tracker ideas and spreads.

Remember to take the ideas you love as inspiration and create something that will work for you.


  • Bullet Journal Mood Tracker

Maybe one of the most common habit tracker spreads, a mood tracker for bullet journal is a powerful way to keep tabs of your feelings throughout the day, week, months, and year.

Use this to see if anything triggers your moods… or how your moods affect events in your life and act on it.

It can be useful to know if you experience a mood slump at certain times of the month. If so, then plan your social calendar around this.

Sometimes we can get caught up in emotions and feelings without them making much sense to us. Putting feelings onto paper in a daily mood tracker in your bullet journal is a great way to help you understand and make more sense of them.

Then eventually you will be able to update a weekly and even monthly tracker to build patterns and become more self-aware.

This will help you know how to handle bad feelings or avoid triggers – that’s is when you can achieve habit breaking. The next step to success is to make new habits to replace those old ones and enrich your life.

Find out more about Mood tracker pages here. 

Your Mood Tracker Bullet Journal can be as simple or as complex as you like. Use colors, patterns or any designs that make you enjoy filling in your tracker. 

  • Expense Tracker Bullet Journal

Keeping a bullet journal finance tracker is the best way to be more mindful of where your money is spent and keep you organized by tracking your bills.

Your expense tracker can be as simple or as fancy as you like.

Keep receipts and an eye on your outgoing costs with this spending tracker bullet journal.

We love this minimalist money tracker bullet journal.


Bullet Journal Budget and Expense Tracker Ideas To Control Your Finances With FREE Budget Tracker Printable


  • Fitness Tracker For Bullet Journal

You can do bullet journal spreads that fit in with all your fitness goals such as weight loss tracker, health tracker, step tracker, and more.

We love this bullet journal weight tracker.

Click to find more fitness tracker ideas.


Fitness Trackers For Bullet Journal That Really Work!


  • Bullet Journal Sleep Tracker

We love the idea of a sleep tracker on the bullet journal. See if there are patterns between your sleep habits and your mood tracker for some great insights.

Tracking Your Sleep Habits with a habits bullet journal

Check out how we created our sleep tracker here. 

Other sleep and mood tracker ideas we love.


How To Create A Sleep Tracker For Bullet Journal


  • Bullet Journal Time Tracker

Sometimes time can really get away with us and we can reach the end of the day not knowing exactly where it went! Keeping a time tracker for work or study is a great way to see if you are using your time the best way.


  • Habit Tracker Printable

If you are not comfortable drawing the tracker templates on your bullet journal pages then printing them is a great idea! We love these great monthly habit tracker printable ideas.

This bullet journal habit tracker template is easy to personalize for your own needs and goals. 

You could even keep an eye on your bullet journal habits to make sure you are using your Bujo for maximum productivity!

Love printables? Come and see the best bullet journal printables you can download for FREE!


More Habit Tracker Ideas For Bullet Journals

Still, looking for the right bujo habit tracker? Here are a few more habit tracker ideas that we love:

As you can see habit tracking can be for absolutely anything you want! 


We hope you loved these Bullet Journal Habit Tracker Ideas.

Remember you can create a spread especially for each habit tracker or add mini habit trackers to your daily, weekly, or monthly spreads. Find a system that works for you and get tracking!

What bullet journal trackers are you going to create for your journal? We love hearing from our community so don’t forget to tell us all about it in the comment section below. 


More Bullet Journal Ideas That Make Your Habit Trackers More Effective

vision board in the bullet journal

Create a Bullet Journal Dream Board to find out what habits you need to track

How to Set Goals

Use Your Bullet Journal To Set Goals before deciding what habits to track.

A yearly bullet journal tracker

Looking for a Yearly Habits Tracker,bullet journal? Try A Year In Pixels Spread


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