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Fitness Trackers For Bullet Journal That Really Work!

Fitness journal ideas

Looking for fitness bullet journal tracker ideas? You are on the right place! In this post we will show you how having a fitness tracker bullet journal spread can help you achieve your health goals. 

So you have set your goals for your fitness and health. How do you make those big dreams a reality?  

A Bullet Journal Fitness Tracker!

A bullet Journal isn’t just a tool to get organized. It is also an easy way to help you stay on track for any goals you have. 

Bullet Journal Trackers help you stay accountable while also showing you where your strengths and weaknesses are.

So, if you are ready to improve your meal planning, fitness and healthy habits, let’s make those fitness goals happen!


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Fitness bullet journal trackers


Fitness Bullet Journal Supplies

Before you start your fitness notebook, you will need a few basic bujo supplies. Here are some of our favorites:


Bullet Journal Fitness Trackers

The best thing about all things Bujo is that you can customize it all to your own lifestyle and needs.

A Bullet Journal Fitness Log is no different. Take a look through this list of fitness trackers ideas.

Then pick and choose those elements in your personal bullet journal for fitness. 

Fitness Tracker Ideas For Bullet Journal

We have found the best fitness tracker inspiration for you. Take a look!


Reach Your Goals Using A Bullet Journal For Weight loss and Health

From Step trackers and water trackers to weight loss spread, this fitness tracker journal is simple yet effective.

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A Year Of Workouts Fitness Tracker

Photo Credit: @the.petite.planner

Using A Year In Pixels layout, this workout layout tracks a whole years​ worth of exercise. A great way to get a quick overview of your fitness progress.

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Bullet Journal Exercise Tracker

Photo Credit: @aimighani

If you are new to exercise, this fitness tracker is perfect. It reminds you how to do each exercise while helping you keep track of your progress. One of my favorite fitness journal ideas.

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Running Tracker For Bullet Journal

Photo Credit: @tinyrayofsunshine

This running tracker is so simple but ticking off those running days would make you feel so accomplished. A great idea for fitness goal journal

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Bullet Journal Fitness Tracker Layout

Photo Credit: @thejournaltea

This fitness tracker spread includes goals, weight, measurements, ​and motivational sayings. The perfect combination to make all your fitness goals a reality.

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Minimalist Fitness Tracker

Photo Credit: @_psicogram

If you like to keep things simple or are looking for non-artistic​ fitness layouts, then this fitness spread is ideal. Everything you need in the simplest​ layout.

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Exercise Tracker For Bullet Journal

Photo Credit: @little.black.journal

This Bullet Journal exercise spread is great for tracking what type of exercises you do, as well as your progress. Keeping​ track of your exercise habits like this lets you see if there is an exercise​ you enjoy more.

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Weight loss Tracker and Fitness Log

Photo Credit: @bulletwithchristine

If you have a weight loss goal, this simple weight loss tracker is a great idea to keep you motivated as you see those numbers drop. The fitness log can also help you discover what exercises help you lose weight best.

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Bujo Fitness Spread

Photo Credit: @bujo_charla

This Fitness spread for Bullet journal is great if you are a visual person and love to see a before and after weight loss.

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Plank Challenge Bullet Journal Tracker

Photo Credit: @that.bujo.girl

Got a particular exercise habit you want to track? Make a one exercise habit tracker like this Plank Challenge layout. An easy way to stay motivated and see your progress with a bullet journal health tracker

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Exercise Log For Bullet Journal

Photo Credit: @dd.bulletwithme

I love how this exercise log has been set out like a running track. Such a clever Bullet Journal idea.

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Simple Fitness Tracker Layout

Photo Credit: @paperscollection

This is such a pretty and simple fitness spread. I love the floral detail.

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Men's Fitness Tracker For Bullet Journal

Photo Credit: @williamandersonio

This detailed fitness tracker is perfect if you are working on your body strength.

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Food and Fitness Tracker

Photo Credit: @nat_journals

Diet is a huge part of being healthy. Keeping a food and fitness tracker layout is a great idea to see how your overall health goals are going.

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Fitness Log Ideas

Photo Credit: @boho.berry

A fitness log doesn't need to be fancy. This simple fitness log is ideal for keeping track of those all important numbers.

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Ideas for Fitness Log

Photo Credit: @craftyenginerd

There are so many fantastic ideas for your fitness spreads in this layout. Everything you could need in a fitness tracker notebook

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Have you created a Fitness log? Be sure to share it with us in the comments below. 


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Use your Bullet Journal to get fit! Get accountable for your workouts, and diet with these great Fitness Tracker ideas for Bujo. #getfit #bulletjournal #bujo #fitnesstracker #bulletjournaltracker #bulletjournalfitnesstracker

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