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How To Create A Sleep Tracker For Bullet Journal

How To Create A Sleep Tracker For Bullet Journal

Sleep Tracker Bujo

 Find out how to create your own sleep tracker bullet journal and why it will improve your wellbeing


Keeping a sleep tracker or Bullet Journal sleep log is an easy way to help improve your overall well being.

Not only have I seen lots of different styles of sleep trackers, but I have personally tried a few too!

I thought I would share with you guys what I found works best for me. We are all unique so be sure to take what ideas work for you and experiment with some new ones too.

First, let’s chat about all the benefits of keeping a sleep tracker bullet journal spread.

Sleep Log Layouts for Bujo

Why Track Your Sleep?


Sleep is vital for your physical and mental well-being. Did you know that poor sleep patterns mean you are not functioning at your best? This can affect everything from health and relationships to your memory and weight.

How much sleep do adults need?

Forget the old 8 hours a night you probably grew up being told was best. We are all different and the best amount of sleep usually falls somewhere between 7 and 9 hours.

By keeping track of your sleep with a bujo sleep tracker you get an understanding of any bad habits you have, what helps you sleep best, and how long a sleep is optimal for your body.


What To Include In A Sleep Tracker


There are a few basic things that are really beneficial to track in your sleep log.

To make the best sleep tracker, be sure to include these:

  • Total Sleep Time

    – Keep a simple count of the hours you have slept.

  • Sleep Time Frame

    – Do you sleep best between 10 pm-6 am or are you a night owl who works best with 12 am-8 am?

  • Sleep Quality

          – Do you feel rested and energetic? Or do you feel drained and tired?

  • Things That Have Affected Your Sleep

         – This could be stress, a sick child, or a noisy party next door.

Sleep log for Bullet Journal

Sleep Tracker Bullet Journal Ideas


Bullet Journal Sleep Tracker Supplies


To create my Sleep Tracker Layout I used the following supplies:


Other Supplies For Sleep Trackers

Best Bullet Journal Supplies


How To Do A Sleep Tracker Bullet Journal Spread


I’ve found that I need to make an easy sleep tracker. If I try anything too complicated or time-consuming I tend not to keep it up for the whole month. Remember that the best sleep trackers will be ones that you actually use!

To make the best simple sleep tracker layout just use a simple grid that covers the whole month.

Put the monthly dates along one edge. Along the other edge have 1-9 to record the hours that you have slept and then the quality of sleep from 1-9 too. I put notes next to each day if I feel that there may have been something that affected my sleep patterns.

As I have been keeping a sleep log for a while now, I already know that my ideal time to sleep is from 10 pm to 6 am. If you do not already know this it would be beneficial to keep track of the hours you sleep to see what correlation there is between the time and quality of sleep. 


Tracking Your Sleep Habits with a bujo sleep log

Sleep Tracker Bullet Journal


How To Use A Sleep Tracker


Now you have all this information, how do you use a sleep log to improve your sleep?

Take a look at things like what times you get your best sleep (and wake up feeling the best). This will give you a goal for your ideal time to try and get some shut-eye.

See what relation there is between how long you sleep and how you feel when you wake up.

We are all made differently and we all need different amounts of sleep. You may also find that you need more sleep at certain times of the month too or if you have a busy schedule.

I find I can learn a lot more about myself, my body, and my habits if I use a few different Bullet Journal trackers together.

Some trackers that work really well with a sleep tracker are:

A Year In Pixels – This is an easy whole year mood tracker.

Period Tracker – Click to find out all the great benefits of keeping track of your monthly cycle.

Another great benefit I have found with my tracker is discovering habits that stopped me from having great quality sleep.

When I started looking at how I slept, I realized that the days I ate a lot of sugar, I just didn’t sleep well at all. This has really helped me make better food choices and was one of the reasons I decided to start using my Bullet Journal for Meal Planning.


How To Use A Bullet Journal Habit Tracker


Sleep Tracker Ideas


Once you realize what a great tool a sleep tracker is you may want to use it to help others.

For example, keeping a sleep log for kids is a fantastic way to work out when is the best time for your little one to go to bed and what habits help them sleep the best.

After you have worked out what your best sleep habits are, you may want to combine your trackers into a simple one-page chart like this great bullet journal spread from @wild.woman.rising


Sleep Log Ideas with a sleep bullet journal

Source: @wild.woman.rising



I would love to hear what you discovered about your sleep patterns and see some of your sleep log layouts. Be sure to get in touch in the comments below and show us your bujo sleep tracker ideas.




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Bullet Journal Sleep Tracker Ideas