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Bullet Journal Budget and Expense Tracker Ideas To Control Your Finances With FREE Budget Tracker Printable

Bullet Journal Budget and Expense Tracker Ideas To Control Your Finances With FREE Budget Tracker Printable

Bullet Journal Budget Tracker Ideas

 Find out how to reduce stress around your finances with a Bullet Journal Budget! We share the best spreads and pages for a budget journal that will help you be more aware of your money, help you save and reduce your expenses.


Finances can be one of the most difficult things to keep on top of. It can also be an area that can cause a lot of stress and worry if you don’t learn how to control them.

Keeping a finance tracker bullet journal spread is an easy and effective way to keep track of your finances and stay on budget. Having all things to do with money in one easy to find spot makes it simpler to know exactly what your incomings and outgoings are.

Just like all other areas of your journal, it is also so simple to customize your bujo financial spreads to make them work perfectly for you.

These layouts can be as complicated or as simple as you need and want. Some things you may want to keep track of are, spendings, savings, expenses, and debts.

I have collected some great Bullet journal budget ideas that you can use in your own bullet journal expense tracker. Take a look at what ideas appeal to you, or will make the most difference in your life then mix and match all those things that will make the perfect spread for you and your financial circumstances.


How To Keep Track Of Money With A Bullet Journal


As with any part of your Bullet Journal, you are going to want to have some reflective quiet time and ask yourself some tough questions. Below you will find some prompts to help you.

Remember to be totally honest. It’s okay to realize you may have bad spending habits or be in huge amounts of debt.

You will not be able to change anything or improve your money situation unless you are willing to discover where you need to make changes.

  1. What do you struggle with when dealing with money ( could be savings, spending too much, not sticking to a budget, using your credit card too much)
  2. Who do you admire financially? What money habits do they have?
  3. What are your money goals? 
  4. What are your savings goals?
  5. What money habits would you like to have?
  6. What money habits you like to break?

Another way you could get a great idea about how your money makes you feel, what your worries are etc is to do a brain dump specifically to do with all things money. Find out how to do a brain dump here. 

Once you have a clearer idea on what you want to achieve with your financial layouts then you can think about what specific money spreads you will need.

Here are some ideas of financial spreads you may want to try:

  • Bullet Journal Bill Tracker
  • Bullet Journal Money Tracker
  • Bullet Journal Budget Page
  • Bullet Journal Expenses
  • Bullet Journal Savings Tracker


Budget Bullet Journal


  • Expense Tracker Bullet Journal

Often before you can make a budget or start a savings plan you need to see what your expenses actually look like!

The perfect way to do this is by using a bullet journal expense tracker. Things you can include in this finance spread could be:

  • Bill Tracker for monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, and semi-annually paid bills.
  • Subscriptions Tracker. Think of everything that you may have automatic payments for like magazines, apps and TV.
  • Debts. Included loans and credit card payments. You may find it more fun to do these separately like the savings trackers later in the post.

Putting these all in a spread you will be able to see when payments are due and how much you spend over time. It is also helpful to keep these so you can compare bills over the years to see where you can make changes to get ahead financially.

Here are some Expense Trackers Ideas I thought were genius.


  • Bullet Journal Spending Tracker

bullet journal spending tracker

Ideas for your Bullet Journal budget

Keeping a spending tracker bullet journal spread can be a real eye-opener to your financial habits. You may not decide to keep a spending tracker all the time but I suggest it’s a great idea to do one when you start keeping a bullet journal financial spread and also if you start feeling like your finances are getting out of your control at any time.

You can keep a spending tracker for a week, a month or create a spending log bullet journal that you can keep long term. They will help you see patterns in your spending as well as where you can tweak your habits to make better choices.

Remember to be totally honest with yourself. You won’t get a true idea on your spending habits if you miss adding items, no matter how small. 

I love these spending log ideas.


  • Bullet Journal Budget Spreads

Once you have an honest view of your expenses and spending habits then you can really make your money work for you.

One of the quickest ways to sort out your finances is to make a budget. The hardest part is sticking to one though. The beauty of using a bullet journal monthly budget spread is that you can easily keep track of everything in a glance. Include things like a bill tracker bullet journal, debt tallies, income and other important information. 

Just like any bujo spread, this needs to become a daily practice. Be sure to make it part of your daily routine to check and fill in your budget.

Here are some of my favorite bullet journal budget spread ideas.



  • Savings Habit Tracker

This is great for small items, holidays and even big dreams like a home. You can see how much progress you are making which can be really motivating to save those cents.

Want to try out your own Savings tracker? Click below to get our Savings Tracker bundle. There will be a tracker that will suit your savings goals!





Bullet Journal Supplies 

You can make your bujo spreads as simple or as fancy as you like. Here are some basics that will help you create beautiful layouts you will love to keep checking and using. 


Best Bullet Journal Supplies

FREE Budget Tracker Printable




Did any of these ideas help you with your bullet journal finance tracker? I would love to hear what you find works in your finance bullet journal practices. Comment below and share with our bujo community.



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Budget Journal Ideas

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