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Simple Bullet Journal Ideas for Beginners and Minimalists

Simple Bullet Journal Ideas for Beginners and Minimalists

Easy Bullet Journal

Short on time or not artistic? Don’t worry, you can still get organized and have the benefits of journaling with a simple Bullet Journal

We get lots of readers telling us that they feel overwhelmed by all the fancy Bullet journal spreads they see online. That they aren’t artistic or just don’t have the time to keep up with a Bujo with doodles and decoration. 

If that sounds like you then this post is going to show you that you can still create an amazing Bullet Journal that does all the important things like help you stay organized, be more productive, and reduce stress!

Minimal means paring back to the essentials and having only what you need and use often.

So what should be in a minimal bullet journal? 

The short answer is..whatever you want! That is the magic of a Bullet Journal. You can choose the pages that will fit your lifestyle the best.

But if you are new to Bullet Journaling then knowing what pages are going to be best can be a problem. 

Below is some help with the question we get asked a lot by our readers such as “How do you start a simple bullet journal?”

Follow the easy step-by-step guide on how to start a simple bullet journal below. But remember this is not a definite list, be prepared to experiment until you find the best way to Bullet Journal for you. 

Okay, let’s find out what is a simple bullet journal.

How To Make A Simple Bullet Journal?

Follow these basic steps to create a simple and easy-to-use Bullet Journal! 

Easy Bullet Journal

1. Choose Your Journal

Some journalers get very passionate about what Bullet journals are best. You will hear terms like ghosting and paperweight.

This is wonderful if you are a bit of a stationery addict like us, but it can be truly overwhelming if you are just starting out.

In fact, we have heard from readers who have given up journaling before they started as they believed they couldn’t afford the correct supplies or were too overwhelmed with all the journal choices. 

The good news is that you can start your Bullet Journal on any paper! It can be a lined notebook, a sketchbook, or even loose pages in a binder. Our favorite to use is a dotted notebook as we find them easy for creating grids and separate elements on our pages.

The thing to remember is – there is no right or wrong! If you are planning a super simple Bullet Journal without doodles, brush pens, etc then you should not be affected by how thick the paper is in most notebooks.

If you want a nice notebook but don’t want to have to think about it too much then you can find a collection of our personal favorites in this post all about Bullet Journal notebooks. 

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2. Select Bullet Journal Spreads You Would Like To Try

We strongly suggest you only start with the very minimum of pages if you want a Bullet Journal that is easy to use. You can always add more as you have been journaling for a while. 

Take the time to sit and think about what you need the most help with to get organized, what parts of your life feel stressful and chaotic, things you tend to forget, and habits you want to break or make.

Next select maybe one or two spreads that are going to help you in these areas of your life. 

Some easy spreads we suggest you start with are:

  1. Future Log
  2. Monthly Spread
  3. Weekly Spread

You can find lots more Bullet Journal page ideas here.

If you are feeling a little overwhelmed when you think about creating your own pages why not try printable Bullet Journal pages instead? We have pre-made Bullet Journal pages here

3. Create An Index Page

An Index page is going to help you keep your journal organized. This may be especially important if you have a plainer and simpler bullet journal where some pages may look alike. 

An Index page is basically a contents page for your bullet journal and will help you find pages quickly when you need them. This makes your bullet journal much more effective.

You can find out how to create an index page here

4. Create Your Bullet Journal Key

A Bullet Journal Key is your secret weapon to journaling faster and better!

Instead of writing out full sentences and words, you create simple symbols and icons to represent common themes in your journal. 

This may sound complicated but trust us, once you have created a key and used it for a little while you will love it just as much as we do!

Click here to find out how to create your own Bullet Journal Key

5. Form A Journaling Habit For Success

Our last step is the secret to bullet journaling success!  The only way your journal is going to help you improve your life is if you use it daily. Did you know that habits are the key to success rather than goals?

This can seem like a huge task when you first start but if you are consistent you will start to see positive changes in your life and you will look forward to your journal time. 

Some ways you can create a journaling habit are:

  1. Select a time of day to journal every day. Everyone is different for their best time but we usually find first thing in the morning or last thing before bed tends to work best for most people. 
  2. Set a timer and make it a must-do appointment with yourself.  You can do this easily on your phone. Just set it to alert you every day and make sure you take that important time. 
  3. Make journaling a priority.  Get your mindset right by acknowledging that journaling is important in your life. Even though you are busy and time-poor, this journaling practice is going to help you with time management and productivity. It is also a wonderful way to practice some self-care.  

Feeling overwhelmed about where to start? Check out our Beginners Bujo course. It’s a step-by-step guide to creating an amazing Bullet journal for YOU. Find out more by clicking the link below. 

Beginners Bullet Journal Course

Simple Bullet Journal Examples

Now you know how to start an easy Bullet Journal we wanted to show you some examples of what they can look like!

The best simple style is called a Minimalist Bullet Journal. 

When we think of the meaning of  Minimalism we tend to think of living without all the extras in life. With a bullet journal, it is more about being time-effective while using the least amount of effort. 

Simple Journals often have these styles:

  • Clean lines and very simple designs
  • Monochromatic or minimum color
  • Mostly white pages and good use of negative space
  • Spreads that are practical and quick to create

Here are some Easy Bullet Journal Examples we love.

Simple Future Log idea

A future log is a wonderful way to keep organized as you can always easily see what is ahead in the coming year.  This easy future log from @smallestdot  is a great example of how you can create a simple and minimalist version that works well.

Simple Index For Bullet Journal

There are a few ways you can set out your Bujo Index. @bulletjournalnoob  has created an Index that works well and looks amazing. This is an easy design to use and add to as your journal grows. 

Simple Key For Bullet Journal

A simple Bullet Journal Key is the best way to make your journal easy to use. We love this example from @planwithady

simple monthly spread for bujo

This simple monthly spread from @slowbujo is so easy to create and use but will keep you organized.

Easy Monthly spread

This easy monthly spread by @lifeonthedot is effective, easy to create, and looks amazing!

Easy weekly spread

Weekly spreads don’t have to be complicated! This simple weekly spread from @coffeefueledacademia has all the important elements but is quick and easy to create. Effective and efficient!

Easy Bullet Journal ideas

You can also add some simple boxes and grids to your spreads like this weekly spread from @nordletterei. If you use a dotted notebook then this is very easy to measure out ( just count the dots!).

simple bujo weekly spread

You can still use color in a simple bujo if you want just like @letsliveandlearn. Something as simple as a highlighter can make a page look fantastic but is still very easy to create. 

easy bullet journal page

@ampersandbulletjournal shows that even just a basic list is a great way to use a Bullet Journal.  Make a special time each day to create your list then add things as they come up. Crossing things off your list is always so satisfying and it’s a great way to be more productive. 

Easy Bullet Journal Habit Tracker

You can still use habit trackers with a simple journal style. We love this simple tracker design from @therianlouis

More Simple Bullet Journal Ideas

Use a Cheat Sheet

It can be overwhelming when you first start your bullet journal to remember what you need to add to each spread!

The easiest way to always get all the important information on each page is by using a cheat sheet. We have a free cheat sheet printable you can use or you can also create your own.

We find it best if you print it off and laminate it so that you can tick things off as you go, then wipe it clean for the next time you create a spread.

Click here to find out more about our Bullet Journal Cheat Sheet.

Remember if you are new to Bullet Journaling or just need a very simple Bullet journal, you do not need to add all the ideas on the cheatsheet to get started. 

What should a beginner bullet journal include?

  1. Index Page
  2. Key
  3. Future Log
  4. Habit Trackers
  5. Calendar Spreads of choice ( yearly, monthly,weekly,daily)
Cheat Sheet Bullet Journal Printable


Use Bullet Journal Printables

Using printables in your journal is not cheating!

It’s perfectly okay to create your whole bullet journal with printables or just use them here and there to help you with certain spreads and pages.

Click here to find our FREE simple Bullet Journal Template printables

bullet journal templates printable



Interested in finding out more about Bujo Printables? Learn how you can make your own Bullet Journal printables here. We love using printables in our journals to save so much time and effort. They can even make a great side hustle if you find you discover you enjoy creating them. Discover more about selling printables HERE

Make Money With Printables


We hope that we have helped you see that anyone can start a Bullet Journal and benefit from keeping one. That they don’t need to be fancy or beautiful to work!


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