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Brilliant Bullet Journal Birthdays

Brilliant Bullet Journal Birthdays

 Bullet Journal Birthdays Ideas


Birthdays are the perfect excuse to make those special people in your life feel extra special. Unfortunately, with our busy lives, it can be so easy to not remember birthdays.

The good news is that there are some easy Bullet Journal birthday page ideas that will make sure you never forget birthdays again!



Fun Birthday Facts

Before we share ideas for the perfect Bujo Birthday spread, here are some fun birthday facts you might not have known!

  • The ” Happy Birthday Song” was originally called ” Good Morning To You” and was written in 1893 for school children.  
  • In Vietnam, everyone celebrates their birthday together on Tet which is New Years Day.
  • The least common birthday is 29th February followed by 25th December
  • The most common birthday months are July, August, and September.
  • You share your birthday with about 21 million other people!
  • Some unusual birthday traditions from around the world include being covered in flour and having your earlobes pulled. 


Birthday Journal Ideas

We all know that a Bullet Journal is the best way to get organized for any part of your life, and birthdays are no exception. Here are some great Bullet Journal page ideas for all things Birthdays. 


Bullet Journal Future Log


Bullet journal future log ideas

If you prefer a simple Bullet Journal then you may want to just use your Future Log to track birthdays. Click to find out how to create the best Future Log Spread


Bullet Journal Birthday Tracker

Create a gorgeous birthday tracker and easily see upcoming birthdays.

The secret to making a Birthday Calendar Spread really work is to make sure you check this at the start of every month and add those birthdays to your monthly spreads and weekly layouts. Don’t forget to transfer this to your new Bullet Journal at the start of every year.  

Some birthday tracker ideas:

  • Make it simple to see birthdays at a glance
  • Leave room to add birthdays for new friends, babies, and other additions
  • Add other special dates to like wedding anniversaries
  • Use gorgeous quotes to inspire your birthday timeline


Birthday Tracker Inspiration

If you want to create a special Bullet Journal tracker for birthdays then check out some of these gorgeous pages for ideas and inspo. 


Bullet Journal Birthday Page Ideas



Bujo Birthday Tracker


Bujo Birthday Spread


Bujo Birthday Calendar


Cupcake Bujo Birthday Tracker spread




Bullet Journal Tracker for birthday



bullet journal birthdays


bujo tracker inspiration

Simple Bullet Journal Birthday Spread


Easy Birthday tracker


circular birthday tracker


bujo cupcake birthday page



bujo cake page


simple bullet journal tracker for birthdays


floral tracker for birthdays


birthday tracker with doodles


minimalist bujo tracker



Some other Bullet Journal Birthday layouts you will want to try.

Bullet Journal Birthday Page


Birthday spread ideas for bujo


Self-care is so important and something everyone should take the time to do. A great time to take some extra special care of yourself is on your birthday. 

Why not create a special Birthday Page?

Some ideas for what to include on your birthday page:

  • Create a birthday tradition. Maybe a special place to visit or a cake you love.
  • Reflect on what you have achieved since your last birthday. 
  • Do some goal-setting to make some dreams happen for your next birthday. 
  • Write down what you are grateful for.  ( Here are some gratitude prompts if you are stuck for ideas)
  • Plan a birthday itinerary. This could be everything from having your favorite breakfast to spending some time at your favorite park or beach, having coffee with someone that makes you laugh, or being pampered at a day spa. 
  • Write your favorite memories down from the previous year.
  • Create a fun birthday bucket list that can be for the day or to achieve over the upcoming year. 
  • Stick in photos from the year
  • Create a fun “About You” list. You could put your favorite color, movies, books, friends, where you have traveled. It’s so much fun to look back on later and see how you have changed and grown as a person. 


Bullet Journal Birthday Month

Why not celebrate your birthday month with a birthday theme or bullet journal monthly log theme that is all about YOU! 

You could make it with lots of Birthday doodles like the ones later on in this post or pick a theme that you really love. Make sure your cover pages and spreads all fit into the theme. 

Here are some themes that could inspire you:

You could even do something simple like splashing out on some gorgeous new washi tape and creating your monthly collection all around it. We have lots of ideas on how to use washi tape in your bujo here. 

Bullet Journal Gift Tracker

I like to buy my gifts ahead of time, maybe when I see something I know someone will love, or if there are some amazing bargains. I then can put these in a safe spot…and forget about them. 

A great idea is to keep track of the gifts I have already purchased so I do not double up.

This is one we created for the Holiday season but it is so simple to change this to a birthday gift tracker.


bullet journal

50 Bullet Journal Gift Ideas For Bujo Lovers


Bullet Journal Birthday Planner


Plan birthday with Bullet journal

Create a gorgeous birthday planner spread like this from @dutch_color_love.

This could be for your party or a child’s. Some things to add to create the best birthday planning spread:

  • To-do list. ( From booking venues to buying food )
  • Menu
  • Theme ideas
  • Keeping track of invites and acceptance numbers
  • Party decorating ideas and list
  • Important dates and when you need to do things 
  • Jobs that need doing before the party



Ideas For Decorating Your Bujo Birthday Pages


Birthday Doodles

Use fun and simple bullet journal doodles to decorate your pages and birthday trackers.

Happy birthday doodle tutorials with step by step instructions.

We have some gorgeous Bullet Journal birthday doodles for you to try. Click for these easy birthday doodles. 


Bullet Journal Fonts

Use a gorgeous font to make your birthday pages stand out. 

Creat bullet journal founds to try out

Click to find new bujo fonts to try.

Bullet Journal Headers

Headers are a great way to make a Bullet Journal page look amazing.

Bullet Journal Headers and banners

Find 15 easy Bullet Journal headers to try here. 


Bullet Journal Supplies


Finance Spreads For Bujo. Spending Logs, Saving habit trackers and more.


One of my favorite things about having a bujo is that they are so simple to set up and can be as minimalist or as decorative as you feel. 

Here are the basics you will need for these Bullet Journal examples:

Need help creating your Birthday Tracker with some gorgeous stationery? Check out these great posts on our favorite Bujo supplies:

Do you track birthdays or do something special for your own birthday in your Bujo?

We love to see our community’s pages and spreads, so if you have created a birthday tracker or other birthday spread come and share over on our Facebook Group




Bullet Journal Birthday Layouts

Bullet Journal Birthday Page

Bullet Journal Trackers

Birthday Tracker Ideas For Bujo

 Bullet Journal birthday tracker inspiration, birthday doodles and more 

MaryAnn Coy

Wednesday 4th of March 2020

I would really love to see a more focused article on creating a birthday page. Hints and ideas you mentioned in this weeks letter, such as goals birthday to birthday, reflections, and so forth. I can't quite gel the idea up, but it does sound really interesting. I don't need the usual birthday page. It’s just Hubs & I, 2 birthdays and an anniversary (25). Now that might be another page I would love, Anniversaries are so much more than flowers and a dinner date. Some thought and process should particularly go into celebrating our most important relationship. Thank you for the subject, we all need to examine and review the important things in life so they remain prioritized in the best order. Life can get in the way of things sometimes. Organizing and prioritizing the parts of our lives to maintain stability, can be made easier if we maintain a Review List of what's important to us. They needn't be complex. Just enough we don't drop an important life ball and hurt somebody!

Diary of a Journal Planner

Thursday 5th of March 2020

Hi MaryAnn, My personal birthday page is somewhere that I think about what I have achieved for the year, wins, failures, growth etc. It is amazing how writing these things down can put things in perspective. See what you have managed to do in a year, and where you would like to see improvements. I don't have a special layout for this, it is more like a regular journal/diary page where I just free-write. I then use this to write down what I would like to achieve before my next birthday. For example if my highlight was a particular activity or hobby then I make sure it is my goal to do more of that in my life. These goals I then add to my regular trackers as simple actionable steps. We have a great post on creating goals HERE if it helps. Maybe you could set up a double spread with the headings of the things you want to write about and take note of? You will find this page evolves each year as you find more things you want to focus on. Good Luck and Happy Journaling.

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