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Harry Potter Bullet Journal Ideas

Are you a big Harry Potter fan? We are too! We have a list with some amazing Harry Potter Bullet Journal Ideas and Inspiration for your bujo!

Harry Potter fans all over the world show off their beautiful book and film inspired artworks. In the bujo community it is no different!

If you like to keep stuff artistic in your notebook and choose a bullet journal theme to go with for each month then you will really enjoy this list below.

I have featured here some beautiful art which you can get some inspiration from!

We have here trackers, bullet journal monthly cover and weekly bullet journal spreads all inspired from the books’ characters, Hogwarts and school houses.

You will sure be amazed by the artistic talent and creativity of some of these artists!

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Supplies to create Harry Potter Bullet Journal Spreads


These are my favorite art supplies that will help you create a beautiful Harry Potter theme in your bullet journal:


Sakura Pigma Micron Set

Water-proof, non-bleeding drawing fineliners that are an absolutely must to get your spreads looking amazing!


Tombow Dual Brush Pen Art Markers

These markers are amazing and perfect to be used in your journal.


Crayola Blend & Shade Colored Pencils

Easy to blend and smooth color laydown makes this a perfect colored pencil set to bullet journal pages.

Check out below these cool Harry Potter inspired bullet journal ideas.

Harry Potter Bullet Journal Ideas

Want a Harry Potter theme for Bullet Journal? We have collected some of the most amazing Harry Potter Bullet Journal ideas from Instagram. Find Harry Potter cover pages, Hogswart layouts and lots more. Such a gorgeous way to add some magic to your Bujo and life!


Happy Potter Quote Pages

Photo Credit: @camila.bisson

Beautiful Hogswarts Quote and font inpsiration for a cover page.

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Happy Potter Journal Weekly

Photo Credit: @bujoandreims

Create a Harry Potter Newspaper layout. You could add goals, quotes and lots more in this great Harry Potter Spread.

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Monthly Hogwarts inspired cover page

Photo Credit: @lifei.zoe

Create a Harry Potter Monthly Cover Page! I love the Harry Potter font used here.

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“Hogwarts is my home!" bujo cover page

Photo Credit: @kyiiosjournal

How cool is this Harry Potter cover page. You could create this as the start of any Harry Potter themed collection.

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Harry Potter bullet journal cover page

Photo Credit: @ellevevedraws

This Harry Potter themed cover page is stunning. I think you could also use this beautiful artwork for decorating a Bullet Journal Address' page.

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Harry Potter spell cover page

Photo Credit: @synneplansthings

Don't forget to use Harry Potter spells in your Bujo for some added fun!

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Bullet Journal Calendar inspired on Dobby

Photo Credit: @vetand__

Create a Harry Potter Bullet Journal Calendar using your favorite​ character​. ​

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Weekly Harry Potter bullet journal spread

Photo Credit: @crafty.elephant

This Harry Potter weekly spread uses Hogswart letters to represent each day. We all know we would love to receive​ one of these in the mail for real!

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Quidditch & Hedwig themed bujo pages

Photo Credit: @pictureshowbujo

Creating a Harry Potter layout with quidditch is genius. I think you could also use golden snitch balls for the different bullet points too.

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Hogwarts house journal page

Photo Credit: @bulletjournalbymarieke

Pick the Hogswart house that represents you the most and make quotes to keeo you motivated and postive in your Bujo.

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"We all have magic inside us" quote page

Photo Credit: @moonlight.journal1

I love this idea of picking an inspirational J K Rowling quote for your Bujo monthly page. She has so many, you will be sure to find one that suits your goals and dreams.

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Platform 9 3/4 monthly layout

Photo Credit: @lesefee_90

This Harry Potter monthly spread has all your favorite Harry Potter doodles! From Platform 9 3/4 to spells and charaters.

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Hogwarts house points tracker

Photo Credit: @bujoandreims

Create a Harry Potter Tracker for your Bullet Journal. This idea for using House Points is brilliant. You could track your mood or habits!

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Gryffindor badge step by step bullet journal doodle

Photo Credit: @cactus.journals

Some of the Harry Potter doodles can seem a little daunting and intricate. This step by step doodle tutorial will help show you how to draw the Gryffindor Badge

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Harry Potter inspired monthly cover page

Photo Credit: @bulletjournaleuse

This Harry Potter monthly cover page would add a little magic to any Bujo.

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Harry Potter quote layout

Photo Credit: @ginjobread

How amazing is this Quote page for Bullet Journal? I love the hogswarts library theme. You could also make this a gorgeous Harry Potter 'books to read' spread.

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Harry Potter Hogwarts journal page

Photo Credit: @bu.hanabara.jo

If you want a whole Harry Potter themed Bullet Journal this would make a fantastic HP cover page. I love the ticket idea!

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'I solemnly swear I am up to no good'

Photo Credit: @kraftykerri

You can't have a HP Bujo theme without a Marauders​ Map spread. This is a clever Harry Potter weight loss layout!

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Monthly layout Harry Potter planner art page

Photo Credit: @otter_and_fox

A monthly spread is one of the most useful pages in your Bullet Journal. This Harry Potter monthly calendar is just amazing! What a way to add magic to your Bujo!

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Harry Potter bullet journal goals

Photo Credit: @lana_makes

This Knight Bus Bullet Journal spread could be used for so many things. From things to do lists to a travel itinerary.

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