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Beautiful Flower Bullet Journal Ideas

Beautiful Flower Bullet Journal Ideas

Floral Bullet Journal Ideas

Looking for Flower Bullet Journal Ideas? Find below 15 gorgeous Floral Bullet Journal Ideas to make your bujo prettier!

One way to instantly make your bujo beautiful is by adding some gorgeous flower Bullet journal pages and layouts. 

There are so many pretty ways to add floral designs and details to your journal, including learning how to draw flower doodles, and we have collected some of our favorites to share with you. 

It’s the perfect way to create a Spring theme for Bullet Journal, incorporate your favorite blooms or just make you smile every time you look at your pages. 

Don’t know how to draw in a bullet journal or don’t feel artistic?

Don’t worry there are still some super easy ways to add flowers to your layouts and spreads.

And click here if you are looking for bullet journal theme ideas for other months of the year!

How to have a Bullet Journal Flower Theme


Even if you don’t feel like drawing flowers yourself there are some other easy ways to make a pretty bullet journal with flowers.


  • Using Flower Washi Tape For Bullet Journal

Washi tape is amazing for adding borders, covering mistakes in your journal, and creating beautiful layouts.

There are so many ways to use it and it is perfect if you don’t feel like you are very artistic. 

Here are some floral washi tape designs we love:

40 Creative Bullet Journal Washi Tape Ideas


  • Using Flower Stencils

Another brilliant way to add some easy bujo flowers and floral decorations is a stencil! You can use them as headers, for borders and bullet journal drawings.

Here are just a few we found but you can find more here


  • Drawing Flower Doodles 

The way to be most creative with florals is to draw them yourself. 

Don’t be put off by all the amazing artwork you see online. Everyone can draw! All you need to do is follow easy step-by-step floral drawing tutorials. We collected nearly every flower you could think of for you over on our bujo flower doodles post. 

Don’t believe anyone can draw? Take a look at just a few examples of the easy way to draw a flower.


  • Supplies for Bullet Journal Flowers

Don’t know what or where to buy bullet journal supplies? No worries, I am here to help you!

I love that you don’t need to even leave the house for your Bullet Journal accessories! We get all our stationery online at Amazon. Here are some must-have bullet journal supplies for the flower theme:

Best Pens for Bullet Journal


15 Amazing Flower Themed Bullet Journals


Below I have a list of ideas to inspire you on how to decorate with bullet journal flowers.


Flower Bullet Journal Ideas

From Floral wreaths for monthly front or cover pages to borders and layout details. Find some beautiful flower bullet journal theme inspiration for your Bullet Journal pages.

Looking for a gorgeous Floral Bullet Journal Printable? Try our stunning pages




Have you created any floral layouts for your Bullet Journal? We would love to see them!


Flowers Bullet Journal Theme Ideas