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How to draw a dandelion: Easy dandelion drawing step by step tutorial

Learn how to draw a dandelion with out step by step dandelion drawing!

Floral doodles are some of the most beautiful and easiest doodles to try.

There is one floral doodle that I always avoided though as it looked really hard, a dandelion doodle. 

Since I have been trying to a doodle a day challenge lately my confidence (and drawing skills) improved and I decided to give it another try. 

The best news is that once I broke a dandelion drawing down into easy steps it was super simple.

Keep reading to find out how to draw a dandelion. 

Easy Dandelion Doodle tutorial. Find out how to draw a dandelion the easy way.




Dandelion Flower


Not only do dandelions look cute but they also represent quite a few things which makes it a great addition to lots of your Bullet Journal or art pages.

Here are a few of my favorite dandelion meanings and symbolisms.

  • Travel and adventure. Because the seeds of the dandelion travel fair and wide on the breeze they make a great travel journal doodle. 
  • Rising above challenges and difficulties. Dandelions can grow nearly anywhere and often in really difficult conditions. If you are going through challenges in your life a dandelion doodle would be a great symbol to add to your bullet journal vision board  to remind yourself that you will rise above them. 
  • Wishes Fulfilled. We all know that blowing a dandelion seeds means you get to make a wish. I love adding a dandelion drawing on my goals pages. 
  • Happiness. With their bright color before seeding and warm weather growing, dandelions symbolize happiness and joy.  They make a great theme for spring and summer spreads. 


Dandelion drawing supplies


For this tutorial I used the following supplies:

Note: You will need a fine point pen and a thick nib pen to make this tutorial really easy.  




This our easy dandelion drawing step by step tutorial in one picture. Below I break each step down and give you my best tips and tricks.

how to draw a dandelion


As I am not very good at free hand shapes my first step was to draw around the base of a cup with a pencil to get a circle I could use as a guideline.

You may decide to skip this step altogether, free draw a circle or even use a compass. 


How to draw a dandelion


Next I drew a stem and centre of the dandelion using a thick pen. 

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Step by Step dandelion doodle


The next step is to create the shape of your dandelion.

You can make this as simple or as intricate as you like. If you start with just a few points, you can always add more later. 

Bujo Doodle - a dandelion


Now you need to fill in your dandelion.

To be honest, it was always this part I thought would be tricky but just take a look at a simple dandelion seed doodle by itself and you can see just how easy it is to draw.

Dandelion seed doodle

So all you need to do next is add a seed doodle at the end of your shaped dandelion.

I ended up adding more shape as it looked a little bare and I wanted a fluffy looking dandelion.

I also added a few seeds blowing in the breeze for movement and interest.

Dandelion drawing tutorial

The last step is to erase the pencil line.

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Leanr how to draw a dandelion doodle. Our super simple step-by-step drawing tutorial. Find out how to draw a dandelion. We love flower doodles and the dandelion doodle is a simple drawing to try.

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