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Easy Happy Birthday Doodles With Step By Step Instructions

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Easy Happy Birthday Doodles With Step By Step Instructions

How to Doodle Birthday Theme Drawings

Want to send birthday wishes in the form of doodles? Find below our step-by-step instructions for these easy happy birthday doodles that anyone can draw!

Most people love parties and most people love doodles too, right?

So why not combine these 2 fun things and throw a big celebration with cute birthday doodles!

There is no better way to send good birthday wishes than crafting a happy birthday doodle card for your loved one. Making these simple happy birthday doodles is also a great kid’s party activity.

So read on to find out how you can help someone celebrate a happy birthday with special doodles.

Bullet journal birthday doodle ideas

Happy Birthday Doodles

 Doodle Supplies

Of course, you can just use a simple pencil for these Birthday doodles but it is easy to take your doodles to something special with a few extra supplies. 

Here are some of the supplies we love for these, happy birthday drawing ideas.

Best Bullet Journal Supplies




Birthday Doodle Ideas


Below you will find step-by-step birthday drawings to decorate a doodle birthday card or to add to your bullet journal birthday spreads.


Brilliant Bullet Journal Birthdays


1. Birthday Cake Doodle

You can’t say a doodle happy birthday without cake! You can vary the decoration and layers to produce different birthday cake doodles but this will give you the basics to start!

Birthday cake doodle step by step tutorial


2. Cupcake Doodle

This is my favorite happy birthday doodle art which you can color to make it even more fun! They make gorgeous birthday card doodles as you can personalize them for each person with their favorite colors and toppings.  

Cupcake doodles step by step instruction


3.Balloon Doodle

Balloons are a great simple doodle arts for birthday cards. The children will love making them too!

Bunch of balloons doodles step by step instructions


4. Happy Birthday Banner Doodle

This is not such a simple doodle but following the step-by-step tutorial, you will be able to make it too!

How to doodle a happy birthday banner

Check this post for more banner doodles.

5. Piñata Doodle

No birthday party is truly a party without the pinata, right? So check these simple steps to draw your own pinata doodle.

Pinata doodles step by step instructions



I hope you have enjoyed these easy doodles for a birthday party, celebration, or simply to decorate your planner or bujo. 



happy birthday doodles

Bullet Journal happy Birthday doodles

Happy birthday doodle easy

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