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Best washi tape shops for the cutest washi tapes

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Best washi tape shops for the cutest washi tapes

Best washi tape shops on etsy

Wondering where to buy washi tape online? Below I share the best washi tape shops for cute washi that will be amazing for your planning, bullet journal or projects around the house. Check these cute shops and find the cheapest place to buy washi tape today!

If you have been following us for a while you will know how totally obsessed about washi tape we are!

We love doing all sorts of projects with washi tape and for that I like to hunt for the cutest washi designs available.

In this post here I have the some of my favorite washi for journals but today I am looking for the best washi tape shops where you will find unique gorgeous designs that you might now find anywhere else!

Imagine how amazing your washi swatch page will look like when you have some of the washi tapes below?!

I have separated this post into Etsy washi tape sellers in the US and in Europe because you might not want to wait long for shipping when you buy washi tape online. So first the US sellers but keep reading if you are based in Europe or UK.

So, just follow the links to check out these 15 amazing washi tape stores!

Looking for washi tape storage solutions? Check out this post here!

Unique washi tape


The best places to buy washi tape

Wondering where to buy washi tape online? Well, there are several places that you can buy cheap washi tape and Amazon is one of them! In fact you may find that Amazon is the cheapest place to buy washi tape.

However, on Etsy though you will find a large range of items from sellers all over the world.  Their prices are also competitive. You will definitely find amazing designs in these washi tape online stores I have shared below.


Washi tape shops in the US & Canada


Looking for washi tape websites that are located in the United States? Check out these washi tape shops based in the US:


  • The Washi Tape Shop

Get 10% off on your Washi Tape Shop order with discount code DIARY10

The Washi Tape Shop has so many cute and unique designs that you won’t be able to resist!

Apart from the amazing selection of washi tape and stickers, you also enjoy FREE Standard Shipping Worldwide and premium shipping on orders over $40 to selected countries.

Even if you buy a 2.99 washi tape, there are no additional shipping or other costs to you. How great is that?

Check these washi tape sets here!


  • Lunarbay

washi tape shopswashi tape shops

Lunarbay stationery is gorgeous and they have over 100 designs for washi tape. I am sure you will fall in love with most of the designs.

Check out Lunarbay washi tape collection here!


40 Creative Bullet Journal Washi Tape Ideas


  • Bellas Bits and Buys

where can I buy washi tape

where can i buy washi tape

This shops offers a huge variety of washi tape sets and designs that are pretty unique and hard to find anywhere else. Check out their washi tape page here!

Get your beautiful washi tape here!


  • Le Box Boutique

washi tape store for washi tape favors

where can i buy washi tape

This shop offers washi tape in single rolls, sets and also washi tape party flavors which are amazing goodies to give your friends during a planning party or vision board party.

Get your washi tape party favors here!


  • ToTo Treasure

shop washi tape store

where to buy washi tape in stores

You will find in this shop a collection of whimsical and colorful washi tape that you can add to planners, bullet journals or craft projects.

Get your washi tape rolls from Tototreasure here!


  • Winter Time Crafts

store to buy washi tape

where to buy washi tape uk

You will find a great collection of beautifully colored washi tape in this shop. This washi tape above is super special because the dots are die cut and it is fantastic to use in planners and bullet journal.

Click here to order your favorite washi tape now!

Best Washi Tape for Planners


Washi tape shops in UK and Europe


Sometimes the price of the item is not such a problem but shipping can be. If you are looking for where to buy cheap washi tape then you should consider the location of the shop.

If you want to know where to buy washi tape in the UK or Europe online, check out these Etsy shops below:


  • Susie B Supplies

best place to buy washi tape

best place to buy washi tape

Susie B Supplies store offers washi tape in all kind of colors, sizes and sets. You will find here washi sets, plain color tape, retro designs, skinny rolls and gold foil washi tape.

Get your beautiful washi tapes here!


  • Mighty Paper Shop

buy washi tape online

buy washi tape online

This shop has the most amazing paper good and stationery products you could possibly want. I love all their washi tape sets. Have a look now!

Check our these amazing washi tape sets here!


  • Note and Wish

shop washi tape

washi tape where to buy online

Here in this shop you will find a huge collection of washi tape of many different designs, from skiny to sets, you will sure find something you love here!

Check out the washi tape from this shop here!


  • Matreshka Crafts

washi tape shop etsy store

buy washi tape online

This shops curates a beautiful selection of washi tape, stationery items, planning and scrapbooking supplies.

Check out their collection of washi masking tape here!

Clever Ways to Organize and Store Washi Tape


  • The Crafts Vine

washi tape shop crafts vine

washi tape online shop

This store offers many products for planners including washi tape, stickers, pens, paper clips and other gorgeous accessories.

Check out their selection of Japanese washi tape here!


  • Three Little Buhos


etsy washi tape shop

where to buy washi tape uk

This shops sells quirky stationery and the cutest washi tape designs that will sure brighten up your journal.

Check out their beautifully curated selection of washi tapes here!


  • Dada Stickers

cute washi tape shops

where to buy washi tape uk

This is the place for anyone who loves all things crafts. On top of beautiful washi tape you will also find here stickers, stationery and party supplies.

Get your washi paper tape here now!

So, what do you think about these washi tape shops?

Do you have a favorite washi tape store?

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