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Clever Ways to Organize and Store Washi Tape

I have too much washi tape… said no one ever!

If you are anything like all my other bullet journal friends, you will have so many rolls of washi tape around your home and still, want more. You can never have enough beautiful designs in my opinion.

The one problem I do have with my stationery addiction is finding ways to store your products. It can sometimes take me ages to find the particular washi design I need for a spread and I have that many rolls in so many different spots I even forget what washi tapes I actually have.

I found this a little ironic, considering the idea is to use a bullet journal to organize your life. So with that in mind, I decided to find ways to organize washi tape.


How To Store Washi Tape


Since taking the time to sort and store my washi tape properly I have found it so much easier to grab what I need or even design whole bullet journal spreads around a particular washi tape design. Realizing that I am probably not the only one with this problem I have decided to share some of the great washi storage ideas I found. I hope that they help you out too.


Easy Ways to Store Washi Tape


This washi tape box has 30 different compartments. That should be enough to hold any washi tape addicts collection.

I love this clear washi tape storage. It can hold up to 45 rolls and protects your precious tape from dust and moisture.

This washi tape dispenser holds 30 rolls of tape and you can stack them up. Just buy as many as you need! I also love how they spin like a lazy susan…because I really am a little lazy at heart.

Need a few more washi tape designs in your collection? Find out what I think are the best washi tapes for bullet journals here. 

A simple and easy way to store and dispense craft tape. Just place it within easy reach on your desk.

These washi tape dispensers are a cheap and easy way to store your tape. They hold five rolls each and can be stacked. I love that they cut the tape too.


Pretty Ways to Store Washi Tape


How to store Washi Tape

This handmade washi tape holder can be painted in any color to match your mood or decor. Get one made here.

Box for wash tape

I love this rustic wooden washi tape box. You can see the designs while still keep your beautiful tape free of dust and accidental spills. Take a close look here.

How to store wash tape when traveling

I love this cute washi tape wallet. It is perfect for taking washi tape with you on the go. Find out more about this easy washi tape storage idea here.

bag for wash tape

This is a fun and easy way to store washi tape. Click here to see all the different designs available in this washi bag.

washi tape storage ideas

I love these washi tape holders from CopperluxeCollection. There are designs to suit so many different tastes. If you want to splash out on something a little special find this washi tape storage idea here. Be sure to check out the rest of their store because they have so many gorgeous storage and organization ideas.


Creative Ways To Organize Washi Tape


A thread rack is a simple way to store washi tape and it looks fantastic.

Fill up one ( or a few ) straw dispensers. They look so pretty on your desk and it also a great way to stop your washi supplies getting dusty.

Repurpose a Jewelry Tree or mug tree to make a easy DIY Decorative Tape Storage Holder.

Loving these creative ways to store your tape? How about some creative ways to use washi tape in bujo spreads

How about using a paper towel holder to store washi tape? Find one that suits your space best. Make a wall hanging one like this above your desk. Or you could use the free standing ones and use different holders for each color family of tape.


DIY Washi Storage Ideas


DIY washi Tape storage


This DIY bujo supply organizer from Meraki Mother is great for storing all your favorite bullet journal supplies. It would be simple to add a few more washi tape holders too if you have an extensive collection.

DIY washi Tape dispenser


How about making your own washi tape dispenser and storage with aluminum foil box? Check out how Hello Creative Family made this beautiful washi tape dispenser here.

I hope you found the best way to store washi tape that suits you. If I missed your favorite way to organize washi tape let me know in the comments below so I can add it.

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