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Clever Ways to Organize and Store Washi Tape

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Clever Ways to Organize and Store Washi Tape

Washi tape storage solutions

Are you a bullet journal addict? Then you need to be creative to find ways to store and display your washi rolls. In this post I will share many washi tape storage ideas to help you keep your collection organized and ready to be used.

I have too much washi tape… said no one ever!

If you are anything like all my other bullet journal friends, you will have so many rolls of washi tape around your home and still, want more. You can never have enough beautiful designs in my opinion.

The one problem I do have with my stationery addiction is finding ways to store your products.

It can sometimes take me ages to find the particular washi design I need for a spread and I have that many rolls in so many different spots I even forget what washi tapes I actually have.

I found this a little ironic, considering the idea is to use a bullet journal to organize your life. So with that in mind, I decided to find ways to organize washi tape.

Read on to see all the possible storage solution for your washi.


How To Store Washi Tape

Since taking the time to sort and store my washi tape properly I have found it so much easier to grab what I need or even design whole bullet journal spreads around a particular washi tape design.

Realizing that I am probably not the only one with this problem I have decided to share some of the great washi storage ideas I found. I hope that they help you out too.

Unique washi tape


Easy Ways to Store Washi Tape


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