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October Bullet Journal (Step by Step Halloween Bujo Tutorial)

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October Bullet Journal (Step by Step Halloween Bujo Tutorial)

October bullet journal theme

Looking for ideas for your October Bullet Journal spreads? I have picked Halloween bullet journal ideas to decorate my journal pages for October, with easy doodles and a simple step by step tutorial that you can replicate too. Check below all my Halloween bullet journal spreads.

Three months for the end of the year and it is already so busy, eh?

October is such a fun month I think though. We have school mid-term vacation to look forward to and of course Halloween with all the trick and treat! Sweet!

This month I decided to make sort of scary bullet journal pages. Why not, right?

I was already brainstorming some ideas for doodles to send to my fellow doodlers at the Happy Doodle Club (click here to join!) so it would be only fitting to use the doodles in my spreads too. So not only would you be able to see how to draw them but also how to use the doodles in your page ideas.

If you don’t like drawing or is not interesting in learning how to doodle, do not worry! I have digital copies of these pages that you can download at home and add to your journal or binder. Keep reading to check my hand drawn doodles and the digital version below.


October bullet journal themes

Not feeling the Halloween theme for your October spreads? Not a problem!

I have many October monthly themes and ideas that you can do instead of making these scary (but cute) page as I did! Go ahead and check my ultimate list of bullet journal themes here!

I am sure you will find some great ideas that are unrelated to Halloween or anything October-ish. Check it out!

200+ Beautiful Bullet Journal Monthly Covers To Try With Free Printables


Halloween bullet journal


Here are the bullet journal supplies I used to create these pages:

Now let’s get to the fun part!

October bullet journal supplies

Best Bullet Journal Supplies


October bullet journal theme ideas


  • October bullet journal cover page

    Halloween bullet journal cover page

    October bullet journal pages

The cover page is a simple spider web with a rather large spider. I highlighted the spider web with the Tombow n75 which is a very soft gray, I think this color is perfect to create soft shadow for your bullet journal decoration details.

I used a marker in green to color October because I wanted to add a little bit of color. Apart from green I considered purple and orange colors too, which are very Halloween-ish in my opinion, but ultimately decided to go with green, – you can choose any color for this!

The spider web is fairly straight forward to create but does a little bit of time. I started by making 8 lines crossing each other and the slowly built the layers around to create the web.

I loved how it turned out!

October bullet journal cover page


  • October monthly page

    October bullet journal calendar

    October bullet journal calendar

The monthly pages are pretty standard to me. I like to have a monthly overview of the dates but also some tasks, goals and important dates to keep in mind.

For the goals I just like to add some ideas to keep me on track. Here I don’t add the ultimate goal, but instead the smaller steps I need to go through to reach my end result.

If you would like to know how I set goals with my bullet journal I have a post for this!

How to Set Goals and Achieve Them: Goal Setting With A Bullet Journal In 2021

October themed bullet journal spreads

The hardest part on this spread was to make sure my black silhouette was indeed black. I had to go over the drawing with the Crayola and supertip a few times.

You must know your notebook paper and how it behaves with saturated pigments on it – you can expect ghosting and possibly bleeding here.

One thing you can do to minimize the problem of black ink ghosting is having the same or similar kind of design in the next page, so it wouldn’t be such a problem because you would color on top of the ghosting again and the problem would be solved!

I suggest you test your pen before you attempt to color your pages in black over and over like I did. Find a page at the end of your journal and color it heavily, saturating the pigment to check how it behaves.

My notebook has amazingly think paper, it is actually a sketch notebook and not a bullet journal as such (I don’t have dots in my page, can you see?) so coloring on my journal is never a problem but I know for a fact that other popular notebooks would at least ghost with the amount of saturation I did here!

But all in all I loved how it turned out!

Halloween bullet journal spread

October month themes

Ultimate List of Bullet Journal Doodles


  • October habit tracker

Now let’s talk trackers!

I wanted to have a little bit of fun this time. Instead of using the somewhat boring table design of habit trackers (again) I separated them in individual boxes.

Nowadays I don’t track many thing anymore, I realized that I was getting really frustrated with my lack of accomplishment with my trackers. I didn’t have to track all the things. I know many of the things I used to track I honestly did not have any intention of accomplishing every day. So why track it? I decide to concentrate on the few things that matter to me!

For now I stick with the basics: exercise (anything like going for a walk I consider exercise – blogger life is a very sedentary one), water intake (I aim for 2 liters), reading (every night), skin care routine (every night) and sticking-ish to my diet plan.

When I was making the table I miscalculated the space I needed (how did that happen?!?) and I had to get creative to fill 3 tracking spaces with decoration, because I ended up having too many days to track for the month….

I make mistakes all the time in bullet journal, I don’t get frustrated anymore with it. Sometimes I use correction tape, sticker or something else that comes to mind to fix the mistakes. I have a list of all the things I do to fix mistakes in my bullet journal here!

How To Fix Bullet Journal Mistakes - My Top 10 Hacks!

So here is how it turned out after the mistake and creative correction:Halloween bullet journal habit tracker

How To Use A Bullet Journal Habit Tracker


  • October mood tracker

The mood tracker is the page I mostly proud of in this monthly setup.

Took forever to color the haunted house in black though, and, as I said, you might have massive ghosting in your journal if you do this depending on the quality of the paper (perhaps it is better to print this page and glue!)

Here I also forgot the add the keys so far but the idea is to color the windows of the house depending on the mood of the day. I look forward to see how it turn out in the end!

What do you think?

Halloween mood tracker for october


  • October weekly spread

Now for the weekly I made a simple box design for every day of the week.

I decided to keep the silhouette style but I will add most of the details as a banner in the bottom of the pages. I have done only one week so far but the idea will be similar to the next weeks too – the scary silhouettes at the bottom.

Check it out!

Halloween bullet journal spreads

So what do you think of these Halloween inspiration pages?

Most of the Halloween doodles I used to create these pages can be found in my Halloween doodle post here! Check it out!

Easy Halloween Doodles Anyone Can make


October Halloween inspired pages printables

I spent most of my month in September learning new skills in Photoshop.

I love drawing and designing but normally everything I done is by hand. After all, I do have all the pens as you know… but I wanted to learn how to improve the line of my drawings for print but also I wanted to know how to utilize Photoshop many features to design cool things.

Photoshop can be super overwhelming. I remember trying to learn it years ago and I just gave up, I basically couldn’t do anything with the program. I eventually decided to go download an open source editing program and that is how I have been editing my images and photos for all these years!

Though the program I used was much easier and enough for my needs at the time, there is only so much you can do with it, now I realize.

I love how Photoshop makes pretty much everything possible! After much sweat and a few tears of frustration I finished these bunch of images for October bullet journal below.

These pages are fairly similar to the ones I did by hand above! So if you would like to have this theme on your journal but doesn’t know how to do it you can get these printables here – the pages are undated and you can download as many times as you wish! For personal use only!

Click here to download your October printables now!



Check also my post for more amazing free bullet journal printables!

More bullet journal setup ideas:


October bullet journal theme

Halloween bullet journal theme pages

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