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Valentine’s Day Doodles

Valentine’s Day Doodles

Step By Step Valentine’s Day Doodles

Looking for Valentine’s Day Doodles to draw on your cards or to involve the kids in an artistic activity? Check out our step-by-step Valentine’s doodle with simple tutorials that anyone can follow.

Valentine’s day is a time to spend time together with our loved ones and remind them of our affection (though really we should do this daily!).

However, with busy lives, it is easy to forget to express our love. Valentine’s Day is a great opportunity to catch up on that.

Nothing says ‘you’re special’ as much as a handmade card. These doodle tutorials will help you make a beautiful card or note to give to your loved ones on February the 14th!

So go ahead and have fun drawing these cute valentine’s day doodles. Simply follow the step-by-step tutorial and have fun!

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How To Draw Valentine’s Day Doodles


Here are my go to supplies for simple doodles:

  1. Sketchbook
  2. 2B Pencil
  3. Drawing Pen
Doodle Art Supplies (21+ Products Perfect For Doodles lovers)


  • How to draw a cupid’s bow and arrow

Nothing says Valentine’s Day more than a cupid’s bow and arrow.

cupid bow and arrow doodle


  • How do draw a heart hot air balloon

Here is a fun heart-shaped hot air balloon doodle tutorial.

how air balloon doodle


  • How to draw a flower bouquet

Check out the simple flower bouquet drawing below.

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Flower bouquet foofle

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  • How to draw a heart hand shape

Making heart shapes with the hands is simple, and drawing it is just as simple. Check this cool doodle here:

heart hand shape doodle


  • How to draw heart balloons

These heart shape balloons are fun to create. You can combine them with happy birthday doodles to create beautiful cards or art.

heart balloons doodle

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  • More Valentine’s Day Inspired Doodles

Here is a bundle of 13 Valentine’s Days Doodles that you can get on our Shopify Store.


Print as many times as you want for personal use, or follow along with the digital file.


Drawing valentine's day doodles

Valentine's day doodle tutorials

How to draw valentine's day doodles

Valentine’s Day drawings