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Bullet Journal Travel Doodles

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Bullet Journal Travel Doodles

World travel doodles

Looking for cool travel doodles and items to add to your travel journal? In this post you will learn how to doodle travel inspired drawings. Super simple and easy to follow travel doodles for bullet journal and sketch books.

You may not know this but both Kirs and I (Thass) are travel addicts. In fact, we met each other online via our family travel instagram accounts a few years back, even though we each live in opposite sides of the globe.

However we don’t only have a common travel interest, we both also love capturing images with the camera, creative things and , obviously, planning!

During the summer a reader and subscriber to our Happy Doodle Club email requested some travel doodle tutorials.

Brilliant idea! So here I am compiling a list of my face travel inspired doodle tutorials to help you decorate your travel journal or anything really that you want.

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So read on to find out how you too can draw these easy travel drawings on your bujo.

Ultimate List of Bullet Journal Doodles


How to make Bullet Journal travel doodles

So read below for these cute step by step travel themed tutorials.

New York Food Doodles For Travel Journal


Supplies you will need to doodle travel icons:

That’s all!

So let’s get doodling!

Stunning Travel Journal Ideas For Your Next Vacation


Hand drawn art adventure doodles

  • Airplane doodle

Here’s how you do a plane doodle:

airplane doodle tutorial


  • Compass doodle

We all need directions in our voyage adventures, right? Here is an easy way to draw a compass:

compass doodle tutorial


  • Beach sign doodle

Here is how to draw a beach sign:

beach sign doodle tutorial


  • Map doodle

This one looks rather elaborate but in fact it is super simple. You just need to be attentive to give the 3D effect of the map folding.

Check below how to draw a map.

map doodle tutorial


  • Vintage luggage doodle

Here you will just need straight lines. Draw this vintage looking luggage by following the steps below:

vintage luggage doodle tutorial


  • Hand luggage doodle

This is a different take on luggages, a carry-on bag:

hand luggage doodle tutorial


  • Camera Doodle

Here is a easy step by step drawing tutorial for doodling a camera:

camera doodle tutorial


  • Post cards doodle

post card doodle tutorial

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