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Hygge Doodles

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Hygge Doodles

Cozy Hygge Doodles

Love all things hygge and want to draw hygge-inspired doodles? Check out our step-by-step hygge doodles with tutorials that are super easy to follow.

If you are a fan of doodle tutorials then you will love these step-by-step drawings.

Hygge (pronounced Hue-guh – please tell me I am not the only one who used to pronounce it high-gee…) is a Danish word without a single word translation to English, but in general, hygge is described as that feeling you have when you are in a warm and welcoming place enjoying the good things in life with good people!

The Hygge idea is a reflection of the Scandinavian ways of seeking to create intimacy, fellowship, and coziness in the smallest everyday moments. You can definitely identify with the feeling when you see Scandinavian home designs.

It is not related to weather really but any time you are happy with everything surrounding you.

However, this feeling is often related to winter coziness, sweaters, and home comfort.

If you love bullet journal doodles like we do and are looking for some cool hygge items to add to your pages then find below these doodles to spark inspiration.


Creating hygge drawings


My go to supplies for doodling are:

  1. Sketchbook
  2. 2B Pencil
  3. Drawing Pen
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  • How to draw a mug with hot chocolate

You can get creative here and swap the marshmallows for some cream and make it a cuppa.

how to draw hot chocolate


  • How to draw a diffuser

A diffuser goes along the lines of creating a cozy ambiance in everyday moments.

how to draw a diffuser


  • How to draw toasting glasses

The hygge spirit means enjoying the good things in life with friends.

how to draw glasses

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  • How to draw a scarf

Nothing says hygge more than a plush, cozy and warm scarf around your neck.

how to draw a scarf


  • How to draw mittens

The warmth and softness of mittens inspire that hygge feeling.

how to draw mittens


  • How to draw string lights

Lights add a level of coziness to the ambiance and that is why we have included it in this list!

how to draw lights


  • More hygge doodles

Get your hygge bundle in our Shopify store with 23 step-by-step doodle tutorials for hygge inspired drawings.

You can print the sheets at home as many times as you want for personal use or just follow along with the instructions digitally.





Hygge doodles easy

Step by step hygge doodles

How to draw Hygge doodles

Winter Hygge doodles

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