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Doodle Instagram Accounts To Follow

The Best Doodle Inspiration Accounts

Are you crazy about doodles too? In this post I am sharing some of the best doodle Instagram accounts to help you improve your doodling skills and get inspired!

It is no secret that we love doodles here! A part of our site is actually dedicated to teach and provide you with free easy to use doodle templates that we believe anyone willing can replicate!

You can check our bullet journal doodles as see for yourself.

Doodling is more than just a creative activity. It helps you practice mindfulness, get your thought organized and develop fine motor skills. It is suitable for people for all ages and requires very little investment to get started!

All in all it is one of our favorite things to do.

So today I am sharing a little selection of Instagram accounts that I believe will inspire you to doodle more in your journal. Read on!

Why is doodling Important?

Doodling is a very common thing to happen to anyone with a pen and paper in front of them. It seems that we start our scribbling on paper as a distracted activity. However studies have shown that doodling is actually a great activity for concentration.

When we are bored or distracted our body has to fight really hard to stay alert. Doing fidgeting activities (such as doodling) is our body’s attempt to stay awake.

Doodling is also known to help relieve psychological distress and mindfulness. Being present and in the moment and concentrate on one activity causes the body to relax and put your thoughts in order. You could even practice brain dump as a doodle experience.

Creating doodles is also good to un-focus and be the break your brain needs when you have been paying attention for too long or feeling stuck about a problem. A little doodle break can help you come up with creative outside of the box solutions for problems.


My Favorite Doodles

If you are just looking for ideas and things to draw when your are bored, check this list below for doodle prompts:


I use the following supplies to doodle on my bullet journal:



Ready to start doodling? Check these amazing Doodle Instagram accounts to follow right now!

Doodle Accounts To Follow

Some of the best instagram doodle accounts to keep you inspired and doodling!


Doodles and watercolor

Photo Credit: @dearannart

This beautiful Instagram account is must stop if you are seriously about improving your doodle and watercolor skills.

Check it out!

Step by Step Doodles

Photo Credit: @cozydaydreams

This account is great for the bujo and stationery.

Check it out!

Summer doodles

Photo Credit: @the.petite.planner

The Petite planner is one of the best creative bujo bloggers out there!

Check it out!

Doodle Spreads

Photo Credit: @doodledaydarlings

Gemma from Doodle Day Darlings has many colorful pages for inspiration.

Check it out!

Doodle Pages

Photo Credit: @lacqueredworld

Perfect for lovers of Bullet Journal Doodles and Watercolor.

Check it out!

Bear Doodles

Photo Credit: @julia.pezowicz

Another gorgeous account full of tutorials and colorful pages.

Check it out!

Doodle Tutorials

Photo Credit: @lifeinabujo

The account @lifeinabujo has so many creative page ideas.

Check it out!

Drawingt utorials

Photo Credit: @AmandaRachLee

This artist has many tutorials in her Instagram account.

Check it out!

Bujo and doodle themes

Photo Credit: @study.aesthetic.s

Another beautiful account that uses lovely monthly themes to decorate her bullet journal with doodles.

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Step by Step Doodles

Photo Credit: @ginger.bullet.journal

has some of the coolest drawing step by step templates.

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Flower doodles

Photo Credit: @bonjournal_

@bonjournal_ is the queen of flower doodles.

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Leaf doodles

Photo Credit: @dutch_dots

This is a beautiful account with a ton of inspirational pages.

Check it out!

Space doodles

Photo Credit: @elise.studies

This account offers lovely tutorials for pages, doodles and calligraphy.

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Cactus doodles

Photo Credit: @shaynechan

This account is great for creatives also interested in digital doodling inspiration.

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Kawaii Doodles

Photo Credit: @art_love98

This colorful account has plenty of kawaii doodles to inspire you.

Check it out!

Simple Doodles

Photo Credit: @bujoandcookies

This account has simple doodles that anyone can follow.

Check it out!

Animal doodles

Photo Credit: @plslars

This account is great for lettering and doodle tutorials.

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Plant Doodles

Photo Credit: @littleolivebujo

Lovely and colorful bullet journal account with bujo page inspirations and doodles.

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If you want to start doodling then why not join our Happy Doodle Club?


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