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Bullet Journal Self Care Ideas

Bullet Journal Self Care Ideas

Bullet Journal Self Care Ideas

Need some bullet journal page ideas for self-care? You are in the right place! This post will walk you through why self care is important, how to use a self care notebook and show you bullet journal self care ideas that you can use as inspiration to create your own bujo spread.

Our lives are getting busier by the minute. It is extremely important that we critically look at ways to take better care of ourselves to keep healthy and happy.

Self-care is not something that comes automatically to me. Like many women in this modern society, we want it all but always put everybody else before our own needs.

Self-care takes practice, and the exercises will vary depending on what is important for you, your personality, and the things you want to work on.

So before we start giving you the best bullet journal self care pages let’s first take some time to understand self care and why it is important that we keep practicing it!

Let’s also learn how we can add this page to our bullet journal.


What is self care and why it matters?

My understanding of self care is basically anything that improves your life or makes you happier, even if it is just for a few minutes each day.

It could be any activity that takes your mind away from all the stress and busy life. It is something you do that is only directly benefiting you, not others (though, we all know that when we feel better with ourselves we become better humans, better mothers, wives and daughter, better colleagues and workers….).

Do not underestimate how much your self care can actually improve the lives of people around you too.

But here’s an expert definition of self care:

Self-care is any activity that we do deliberately in order to take care of our mental, emotional, and physical health.

Now, that is pretty straight forward, right? So why do so many of us struggle taking care of ourselves?

I think the short answer is that we are not used to putting ourselves first and taking the time to do one thing to improve our emotional, physical or mental health.

Here is where having a bullet journal self care spread will come in handy!

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The benefits of self care

Self care has amazing benefits beyond what many might just think as superficial or selfish.

Some benefits of self care include:

  • It helps improve your anxiety, mental and physical health
  • Helps boost self esteem, self confidence, creativity and personal development
  • Increases happiness levels and improve your mood


How can you get into the habit to practicing more self care?

Bullet journal self care list

Self care journal ideas

Self care isn’t something that necessarily needs to take a whole lot of time but it is likely that you need to create a habit and schedule self care time.

If you are new to bullet journaling you might not yet know it but a journal can help you improve and create habits by reminding you to stick to them.

I use a habit tracker to track basically everything I want to improve in my life and I also have one that tracks my self care activities: a self care bujo spread.

A journal is the best place to track your self care tasks and there are many ways that you can setup a self care page – keep reading as I will show you many examples below.

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Self Care Bullet Journal

But before we can setup a page we need to understand what self care means to you!

Self care for me won’t necessarily be the same for you. So first let’s talk about the types of self care to give you plenty of ideas so you can track what is important to you.

There are 3 main aspects of self care that involve body, mind and soul.

To find out what is important to you there are a few questions that you can ask yourself (be honest!) which will help you identify the areas that need more daily or monthly attention.

These self care journal prompts are super handy.

Self care bullet journal pages

Self care page for bullet journal


Body Self Care

The body self care part is related to physical health and your body’s well-being.

Activities you can do today to practice body self care include anything that nourishes, rests, moves or cares for your body.

A feel self care prompts to ask yourself to help identify points to work on:

  1. How is my body feeling today?
  2. Am I feeling good in my skin?
  3. Would I feel happier with my body if I [fill in the blank]?
  4. Do I have any stressed, painful or tense areas?

Once you answer these prompts you will discover ways you can practice self-care. These don’t need to be huge tasks, sometimes the answer is just to sit in the sun for a little bit.

This is obviously personal, and you don’t have to feel superficial, some stuff makes us really happy without others understanding. For instance I love looking at my nails done – when they look good I feel I can take over the world. So it is something I always ask myself; do my nails need some love?

Here are general activities that can improve your body self care today:

  • Go for a walk
  • Do a workout
  • Do your skin care routine
  • Sit in the sunshine for a while
  • Get some fresh air
  • Take a nap
  • Have a bubble bath
  • Get a massage or spa pampering
  • Eat mindfully
  • Drink more water


Mind self care

The mind part of self care is related to mental health and mindset. Here the activities to improve your mind self care will allow you to keep your mind at easy and relaxed.

Here are some prompts to help you find out what activities will improve your mind self care:

  1. How is my mind feeling today?
  2. Is anything upsetting me?
  3. Am I stressed with work or with routines at home?
  4. Am I being mindful?
  5. Do I need to re-charge?

Then think of the things you do that help you to relax and write them down, it can be anything from learning new things to meditating. For instance I only really disconnect when I am away from any electronic. So I normally recharge by reading my book, meal prepping, having a bath or talking to friends.

Here are some general mind self care ideas:

  • Write a positive affirmation
  • Do any relaxing activity (reading, spend time in nature, meditation etc)
  • Declutter your home and your mind
  • Write your thoughts in a brain dump page
  • Say ‘no’ when you cannot do something
  • Schedule your work activities
  • Organize your desk
  • Get stuff done on your to do list
  • Create a vision board and revisit your personal goals
  • Take up a new class
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Soul self care

The soul part is related to spiritual fulfillment and relationships. Any activity that can improve your emotional, social and spiritual care fit in this part.

So basically here is where you will try to tackle your emotional needs (that so many of us neglect, eh?).

Here are a few questions to ask yourself:

  1. Am I practicing enough self compassion and compassion to others?
  2. Are all my relationships affecting me positively?
  3. Am I practicing gratitude?
  4. Am I avoiding a situation or a person?

Some general soul self care activities include:

  • Give a smile to a stranger
  • Write in your gratitude log
  • Turn off your phone and spend quality time with your loved ones
  • Take some me time for self reflection
  • Be proactive
  • Ask for help when you need it
  • Work on your relationships
  • Start journaling for self discovery
  • Be kinder to your family
  • Spend time on a hobby you love

Now go and answer these questions and think about ways to improve your particular situation, this way you will be able to create your own personal self care strategy.

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How to create a self care routine in your bullet journal?

If you went through the exercise above then you have done the hardest part!

Now that you have some answers you can start thinking about your self care routine and how to incorporate it in your journal.

I made a page and started a bullet journal self care list with the activities I want to schedule time for so I was reminded to do them.

In this tracker I separated the activities for the 3 different self care types and there is still space for me to add more as I get better at this!

Some of the activities I want to do every day, for others once a week might be enough. You have to find your own balance. My goal is to do at least one activity of each self care type per day, but normally I will do more than that.

self care bujo spread

A self care bullet journal list


Self care journal ideas

Below I have a few self care journal examples to inspired you start your own self love routine plan.


  • Self Care list

Always start by listing the things that you consider to be self care. Just as a vision board it acts as a visual reminder that will help you to develop a self care routine.

Here are a few ideas:



  • Bullet journal self care tracker

A tracker will let you know if you are neglecting self care. Check these ideas out!


  • Love yourself journal page

A Love yourself spread can also help you keep an eye on behaviour that is not helping your physical, mental or emotional state.

Here you can add positive affirmations, quotes or acceptance statement as well as list things to stop doing, like an un-to-do list.


  • Happy list

A happy list is similar to the self care page list but in a way that does not necessarily require self care, for instance seeing my child smile makes me happy but it is not an action I am taking to improve self care. It goes along the lines of gratitude journal.


  • Gratitude log

A gratitude log can help with all types of self care too.

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Other Bullet journal self care ideas

Along with the self care pages there are other trackers that will help you achieve a better routine when it comes to self care.

Even though self care activities are personalized all trackers that promote better health, physical and mental, will positively affect your overall self love degree.

So below I list other trackers that, along with a self care list, can help you achieve your personal goals too.


  • Mood tracker

Unicorn Mood tracker #bulletjournal #bujo #habittracker #bulletjournalhabittracker

A tracker of extreme importance especially for those suffering from mental health issues.


  • Brain dump

Bujo Brain Dump

Here is where you can put all your thought down on paper, it will help you clear your mind and therefore it is a great mind self care activity.


  • Sleep log

Sleep log for Bullet Journal

A rested body will improve your moods and happiness level.

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  • Exercise log

fitness tracker

If you want to improve your exercise activity I totally recommend you to have a exercise tracker.

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  • Bullet journal health trackers

Step Tracker for Bullet Journal

You can track weight gain and loss, water intake, food intake and even a period tracker to make sure your body is nourished and balanced.


I hope you enjoyed this great list. What do you do in your bullet journal to make sure you don’t neglect self care?



bullet journal self care tracker

bullet journal self care layout


Bullet journal self care challenge


Sunday 17th of October 2021

I am about to start my own cases in child welfare. Any suggestions how to ....self care to prevent compassion fatigue and burn out?

Diary of a Journal Planner

Sunday 17th of October 2021

Hi Rhonda, Thank you for taking on such an important role. We understand that everyone needs different ways to care for themselves. Personally we find taking time to do some gratitude journaling is always a big game-changer. But taking the time by making an appointment with yourself to do something you enjoy is also so important. This will look very different for each of us but could be something like swimming a few laps to coffee and a debrief with a close friend or just sitting in nature somewhere for a little time-out. Maybe some of the ideas in our Bullet Journaling for Mental health may have some ideas too? You can find it here. Best of luck, take care of yourself and thank you again.

Karen Balch

Friday 17th of January 2020

I am a participant in a mental health care service. One of the things I'm doing is working with a team of other participants to create a monthly newsletter. I want to make an article about self-care for our February release ... February = love = self-care. May I use this post to construct the article with credit and site address information right up front and center? Thank you for whatever you decide.

This is the best explanation of my desires behind the weekly planning sessions I hold here. I'm so glad I found out about this website!

Diary of a Journal Planner

Tuesday 21st of January 2020

Hi Karen, I just you a personal email regarding this. Thanks :)