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Llama Doodles – 9 Adorable Alpaca Inspired Doodles for Bullet Journals

Llama Doodle Step By Step Tutorial

If you like to doodle or decorate your bullet journal or planner, then I have some very cute llama doodles to show you.

Llamas and alpacas are funny cute animals and I just couldn’t resist adding them to my weekly spreads for this month. After all, I am a creative journalist and my bujo is a mix of writing and art journal.

So read on if you want to learn how to draw an alpaca or llama with our step by step tutorial.

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Learn how to draw a cute llama, step by step tutorial


How To Draw A Llama – 9 Cute Llama Doodles

From how to draw a cute alpaca to some easy cactus doodles, we show you 9 easy doodle tutorials that you can use as a theme for your Bullet Journal spreads or individually on pages to make you smile.  


Happy Alpaca Doodle

Starting the cute alpaca sketch series with this smiling alpaca artwork.

alpaca line drawing


Free Hug Cactus

Cactii make cute small doodles and go so well with the llama theme. They can be made with very straight forward lines. I used the Crayola markers for the ‘free hugs’ hand-lettering text too.

cactus drawing easy - Free Hugs cactus doodles




Cute Llama Cartoon

Add the teeth for a funny alpaca art.

funny llama alpaca animal drawing
llama doodle


Cactus Drawing

Useful for corners or around the adorable alpacas.

cactus drawing


Alpaca Spit Happens

This is an easy fluffy llama and alpaca outline for you to try.

funny llama drawing and llama cartoon drawing


Cactus Illustration

My favorite doodle cactus by far, you could make it bigger if you have space in your bujo.

cactus illustration


How to draw a llama head

A silly llama or weird alpaca head for the side of your journal page or sketch book. 

alpaca drawing easy - cute alpaca cartoon




Small Cactus Doodle

It just goes well with cartoon llama and alpaca illustrations.

cactus doodles


No prob llama drawing

Simple but cute alpaca drawing? No probllama!


cute alpaca - alpaca drawing cute

Our Favorite Doodle Supplies

Want to give your llamas some wow factor. Check out these gorgeous drawing supplies for sketching and coloring your llamas. 


Dual Tip Pens


Crayola Markers


Fine Tip Drawing Pen



I hope you liked our tutorial on how to draw a cartoon llama and alpaca artwork. Why not come and share your doodles over on our Facebook group



Step By Step Bullet Journal Llama Doodles

How To Draw A Llama Step By Step


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