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13 Free Printable Mindfulness Colouring Sheets

Mindfulness Colouring

Mindfulness colouring is a fun and simple way to add calm into your life and be present. Use these free mindfulness colouring sheets that you can print at home to help you be more mindful every day.

It is not for nothing that mindful coloring books have been so popular lately. Being mindful is great not only for your mind and soul but also to your body. It is meditation, just like yoga, but without the physical part.

So, do you know what exactly mindfulness is?

Being mindful means being present and aware of the moment. It means taking the time to focus on how you feel and what is happening around you.

I am super fan of using my bullet journal to practice mindfulness too but it is good to know there is more than one way to do it.

Why mindfulness coloring pages are good for you?

Studies show that there is a clear correlation between mindfulness and art therapy. Calming coloring pages, along with other tasks with predictable outcomes such as drawing, journaling and kniting, are a perfect de-stress-er activities and do wonders for relaxing your mind.

I am sure you have felt that way when colouring or doodling before, haven’t you?

The reason is because coloring, just as much as meditation, allows you to switch off your brain from the daily thoughts that populate your mind and focus on the task at hand – the immediate moment.

And that is mindfulness! Coloring is a deliberate anti stress therapy that helps your body and mind appreciate the little things in life and be present. It helps you learn how to better react to situations and achieve a state of calm that clears your mind of stress and discontent.

Being mindful takes time to learn and these therapy coloring pages will help you get there. Because they are so good at helping you release stress by being more mindful, art therapy colouring books are frequently used for both children and adults, in classrooms, at work or at home.

Loving the mindfulness colouring book pdf? Check out our Art Journaling page for more inspiration.

mindfullness coloring pages


Benefits of mindfulness colouring for children and adults

Mindfullness colouring can help you in so many ways. Below I have listed a few benefits of relaxing coloring pages to keep in mind:

  • Art therapy coloring pages help you express yourself emotionally, without having to use words.
  • Mindfulness colouring for kids helps keeping them busy. It reinforces fine motor skills, keeps them entertained and helps improve their attention span.
  • Mindful colouring for adults will help develop mindfulness and concentration skills too.

To help you become more mindful I have organized this mindfulness colouring sheets free download printable. Once you download it you are free to print it as many time as you want for personal use.

To get the most out of these amazing benefits, simply print off these sheets, grab some pencils and have fun.

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My Favorite Coloring Supplies

Below are some of my favorite tools for coloring books and pages. You can check my list of coloring markers here.

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The Mindfulness Coloring Book

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Did you enjoy the download? Show us your finished sheets below or tell us how they made you feel. 



free adult coloring pages

Mindfulness colouring pdf book


free coloring pages to download and print today

free mindfulness coloring sheets printable

free doodle book printable pdf kids coloring pages

13 awesome coloring pages zentagle printables for adults or kids. Download these mindfulness coloring sheet printables for free in the post

Adult Coloring Sheets

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  1. I lost ability to work PTSD, Health etc adult coloring is so helpful when I am having bad days. I really love coloring pictures with people and grey scale.
    I am a newby but love it

  2. I cannot figure out how to download your coloring pages. It says where to click, but nothing happens when I click the button. It is as if it is just a picture with a link attached. I would love to utilize this amazing resource. Can it be emailed to me? Thank you!

  3. I tried to download the pictures because I wasn’t connected to a printer when I got them and they went away. What do I do now to get them?

  4. I downloaded the free mindfulness coloring sheets, and I can see them on my laptop, but when I go to print them, they’re black. Any ideas?

    • Hi Eileen, Sorry you are having problems with the downloads. The only thing we can think of is your printer settings as we have not had any other readers with the same problem. If you like, we could email you the direct download and see if that helps? Just let us know if we have permission to email you and we will asap.


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