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Bullet Journal Borders To Make Your Bujo Pages Pretty

Bullet Journal Borders To Make Your Bujo Pages Pretty

Border Designs

Want to make your journal look fabulous? Try these easy Bullet Journal borders that make any spread look amazing.

Adding a border on your Bullet Journal page is a great way to make your pages fit a theme, divide sections while letting you get creative. 

The best thing about borders is that everyone can use them, no matter what artistic level you are at. Simple borders for those that don’t feel as creative are just as effective as the more flamboyant styles. 

Keep reading to find out how you can add borders to your Bullet Journal, what you can use to create borders ( even if you can’t draw), and some tutorials to help you draw your own borders on your Bullet Journal pages. 

How To Use Bullet Journal Borders

There really are unlimited ways you can use them in your spreads. Here are a few ways we personally use borders in our journals.

  • As A Creative Outlet

Sometimes you just need some time to relax and unwind. Drawing a border in your journal, especially a simple and repetitive design is the perfect way to focus and de-stress. 

  • To Theme Pages

If you like to use themes in your spreads then using borders on pages is an easy way to keep pages cohesive. It doesn’t mean you need the same border on every page with the theme. Instead, get creative! For example, on one page you may have a corner border, then on the following page, you may use the same border design to create page dividers or to add a frame to one of your boxes. 

  • Highlight Important Information

When you have lots of information on a page, adding a border to important notes or reminders can help you stay more organized as well as make sure you remember it.

  • As A Divider On Pages

Next time you have only used half a page for a collection, don’t waste paper by starting a new page for the next collection. Instead, clearly mark them as different collections by using a border as a divider. 

  • To Create A Space For Photographs Or Items You Need To Stick Into Your Journal

When you are creating a spread and want to stick in something like a photograph later, creating a border for where that item will go is an easy way to keep pages organized and remind you to stick it in later. This works well really well on collections in your Travel spreads

  • To Fill A Page

Sometimes you may create a collection and the page can look pretty bare and bland. Create some interest by adding a border or even just adding a border around the heading. 

  • For Fun

Not everything you do in your journal has to be for a reason. You might just feel like adding a border and that’s great!

So now you have some ideas about how to use borders in your Bullet Journal, keep reading to see some simple border designs anyone can create!


Bullet Journal Borders For Non-Drawers


We are firm believers that anyone can draw with great step-by-step tutorials! But if you really don’t enjoy drawing or are short on time then there are still ways you can easily add borders in your journal.

  • Washi Tape Borders

If you have been reading our site for a while then you may already know we are serious washi tape addicts. It is so easy to find a washi tape design that suits your style or theme and create borders with it!

40 Creative Bullet Journal Washi Tape Ideas
  • Stencil Borders

Using a stencil to create a bujo border allows you to get creative with colors and placement while still be super easy. Look for simple designs or ones with a theme that you love.

  • Stamp Borders

Get creative with stamping and make beautiful borders. They are reusable and easy to customize with colored ink. If you use clear stamps be sure to buy a mounting block in the right size for the stamps. 

Love using stamps? Click to find more Bujo stamps.

What about if you do want to try and draw your own designs? Here are some easy border tutorials that anyone can do. 


Borders For Bullet Journal

Corner Borders

Corner Borders

These simple corner borders from @plansthatblossom  are simple to copy but make any page look amazing. You can add just one corner for detail or create a fun design with three corners done and one left blank. 

Border Ideas


This video by Doodles By Sarah is a great resource for seeing how to create Bullet Journal borders step-by-step. Find some easy borders like hearts to copy and make your journal pages look amazing. 


Pretty Bujo Borders

@instaliddy  shows a page full of gorgeous bullet journal borders ideas. 


ideas for borders

This spread from @bujowithandrea shows how you can use one design as a corner border, frame and divider! You could do a similar spread with any kind of border design.

Borders and Dividers

Tiny bullet journal border


These tiny but perfect designs by @ginger.bullet.journal are perfect for borders and dividers. It is easy to see that even a very simple design can make a big impact. Be sure to use your dot grid as a reference and count spaces accurately as this will help to make the borders look neat and more effective.  


Easy bullet journal border

If you need an easy Bullet journal border then these designs from @plan.with.sunny are a perfect start!


divider bujo

These designs by @pen.mate look fancy but they are so easy to copy. The swirl and flower borders would look fantastic on themed pages in your journal. Add them to just a corner, down one side of a page or go all out and do the whole page border. 

Bullet Journal Frames


bujo frame

Use frames in your journal to make important information stand out, create fun doodle spaces or for adding detail to your spreads. These designs from @appy.doodles are perfect for beginners to try. 

Did we inspire you to use borders in your journal? Show us your designs in the comments below. 


Bujo Border ideas

Bujo Borders