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How to use Washi Petals

How to use Washi Petals

Do you want to have a beautiful journal but no idea how to draw or color well? Then you have to check out washi petals. In this tutorial I’m going to show you how to use washi petals to create beautiful flower arrangements in your journal.

If you have spent more than 5 seconds on this site chances are that you know we are crazy about washi tape: These little pieces of colored goodness that we use to decorate a variety of things in our home and journal!

Today I’m super excited because we partnered with The Washi Tape Shop again to show you their great Washi Petal collections.

If this is all new to you, don’t worry. I’m going to show you exactly what a washi petal is and how to use them.

Unique washi tape

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What are Washi Petals?

Washi petals are basically flower petals made of washi tape material.

In the washi petal roll you get several petal stickers instead of one long tape roll.

The petals are adhesive just like a washi tape you can remove and replace them if needed.

what are washi petals

The cool thing about the washi petal designs is that you get to design your own flower over and over again.

Even though the petal designs repeat itself several times in the roll, if you change the order or position of the petals you can create a different looking flower!

The most unique washi tapes and where to get it


How to use washi tape petals?

Here is the fun part!

As I already mentioned the washi petals are just small washi tape stickers in the form of flower petals.

So it’s very simple to use them to create customized flowers in your journal, notebook, planner, or even add them to home decor projects!

Some of these tapes come with almost identical petals for those flowers that look symmetrical. But some other rolls have totally different petal designs from one another. 

Check out this image below so you can see what I mean:

washi flower petal designs

When the petals are very similar  just simply start placing the petals around a center point and you will end up with a flower in seconds.

When the petals look a bit different from each other it will take a little bit longer for you to figure out how many washi tape petals you need to complete the design at first but once you’ve done one flower, the next ones will be easier.

So how do you use washi petals to create a beautiful flower?

I have tested dozens of designs so let me show my best tips to create pretty washi flowers easily:


1. Check the different petals designs before starting

the washi tape petals

First, it’s best to know how many different petal designs your washi petal roll has before you get started (especially if you are starting with some of the more complicate designs).

Sometimes the petals look pretty similar so just check the back of the packaging to have an idea of how many petals each flower will roughly use.

The packaging also has the flower design on the front so you have an idea of what the flower will look like before starting.

This is important because inside the roll there isn’t any division specifying how many petals for each flower design. So it’s good to have an idea before starting but there is really no problem using a petal extra to make a fuller flower or layer the petal one over the other.

This is all about being able to use your creativity so no need to get stuck on the exact amount of petals to use. This is designed for you to have fun!

I would say follow the packaging design for the first time and then make your own versions of that flower later, by changing order of petals or how you lay them down.


2. Get the washi petals to complete one flower design

washi petal roll

When you know when a set starts and ends (by knowing how many petals make a full flower), then you can count the petals and pull them off the roll.

The washi petals are layered as repeat sets.

For some designs it’s quite easy to spot, like the example in the photo above. For others, not so much.

For the flowers with very similar petal designs I just decided how many petals I was going to use to create a flower and then I placed the petals accordingly on the paper.

You can place the petals opposite each other to make sure you will end up with a symmetrical flower if you prefer.


3. Create flower arrangements

washi petal arrangement

At The Washi Tape Shop you’ll find sets of similar color combo that are perfect to create flower bouquets or arrangements.

You can create any design you want by combining different washi petal flowers together. And some of the flower rolls are actually designed to help you create flower arrangements at the corner of your pages or center.

This one I created on the corner of my notebook is a great example of how you can stack the flowers. This design was also perfect to add to the center of other flowers just to give a pop of color of change the flower design.

I really enjoyed these washi tape flower rolls where you could customize so much of the end result!


4. Mix and Match

mix and match washi tape flowers

Really there is no limit to what you can create with these designs.

Each set on The Washi Tape Shop comes with several flower petal designs that can be used separately or together to create what you heart desires.

Check out the washi petal sets here:

Summer Scent Washi Flower Petals

Purple Picturesque Flower Set

Violet Valentine Washi Petal Set

Pink Piquant Washi Petals

Don’t forget to use the discount code diary10 for 10% off your purchase at The Washi Tape Shop!



How to use washi tape on your journal

How to use washi tape petals sets Washi tape flower petals

How to use washi petals