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Bullet Journal Organization Layouts That Will Change Your Life

Bullet Journal Organization Layouts That Will Change Your Life

Organization Layouts For Bullet Journals

Find the best bullet journal organization layouts to get your life in order and be productive!

“For Every Minute Spent In Organizing, An Hour Is Earned” ~ Benjamin Franklin

As our lives get busier, how to be organized becomes more and more important.

As the to-do lists grow and our mental load gets heavier it can be easy to get overwhelmed, stressed, and miss important tasks.

There is a simple way to start getting organized though and that’s with Bullet Journal Organization Layouts. 

There are literally hundreds of organization layouts for Bullet Journals. This means it is really easy to find the ones that are going to help you get organized by suiting your habits and lifestyle.

Bullet Journal Organization ideas. Get organized with these brilliant organization layouts for Bullet Journals


Easy Organization Tips


Before I give you some of the best organization ideas for Bullet Journals, here are some simple organization tips that are easy to put in place and will make a big difference in your life. 

  • Write everything down. Even if you think you have a fantastic memory, it can be very easy to forget something. 
  • Have a place for everything… and keep everything in its place. This goes for everything, from notes, plans, paperwork, and shoes.
  • Create EASY systems. Only create systems that you can follow easily, otherwise, they will end up ineffective. 
  • Declutter first. This goes for your mind and emails as well as your home and life. There is no point in trying to organize a mess. 
  • Share the load. Delegate jobs, share your systems, and involve those around you. 

The best way to do all these easy organization hacks is by using a Bullet Journal.

I actually have two journals. One is for things I like to keep personal such as personal goals and habit trackers, as well as passwords.

The other is one that’s kept in the home for everyone to see. This one makes sure everyone has access to chore lists, to-do tasks, and a family calendar.

Find a system that works best for you and your lifestyle.

Planner Storage Case Solutions for Bullet Journal and Planner Addicts

You may want a personal Bullet Journal, then a work journal? It may also take a little time for you to get your organization system just right.

Don’t be afraid to experiment, try new things, and get rid of those systems that are not working as well as they could. 


New to Bullet Journaling? Read our How To Start A Bullet Journal Guide today


The Best Organization Layouts For Bullet Journals


1. Keeping Your Bullet Journal Organized


Keeping all the things you have to do in one easy place is going to make organizing your life so much easier.

The key to making the Bullet Journal work for you though is by having your actual Bullet Journal super organized. Here are some basic layouts you will need to make that happen.


Bullet Journal Index

bullet journal index

A Bullet Journal Index is kind of like a contents page for your Bujo.

This will help you find any layout or spread you add to your journal. I find it works best to sort by categories.

Find out everything you need to know about a Bullet Journal Index here. 


Keys For Rapid Logging

Bullet journal keys and signifiers

Using Bullet Journal Keys is a great way to make a system that is easy to use.

This allows you to keep track of everything quickly and efficiently.

Find out how to use Bullet Journal keys for rapid logging here. 


Future Log

Bullet journal future log ideas

Never forget a birthday or event again with a future log.

This Bullet Journal layout is perfect for being able to quickly glance at the months ahead.

Click to read what you should add to your future log.   


2. Bullet Journal Layouts To Organize Your Mind


One of the biggest hurdles to getting organized is the constant to-do lists, thoughts, and worries we have running through our minds.

Declutter your thoughts and mental lists with these simple Bujo layout ideas. 


Goal Setting

Organizing your goals down on paper is the start to achieving them.

Once you have done this you can then work on individual layouts that will help you make each goal happen (keep reading to see some examples).

To find out the best way to set goals in your Bullet Journal with the SMART method.  


Vision Board

How to create a vision board in your bullet journal

Having a special layout as a Vision Board is a great method to organize your thoughts, dreams, and hopes.

If you have post-it notes or dream board images spread around, collect them all up and create a vision board.

Find out how to create this vision board for Bullet Journal here. 


Brain Dump

use washi tape in your planner

A brain dump is the ultimate decluttering tool and it’s so simple to do one in your Bullet Journal.

This is a sure-fire way to clear your mind and help to know what needs organizing in your life.

Why A Premade Bullet Journal Could Save You Time, Effort and Money!

Find out how to Brain Dump with a Bullet Journal here. 


3. Bullet Journal Layouts To Organize Your Life


Trying to remember appointments, tasks and then finding time to do them all can be a big challenge. Organize your life with these great ideas.


Monthly Layouts For Bullet Journal

December bullet journal spread ideas

A Bujo monthly spread is a great way to see and plan a month in advance.

You can personalize them to suit those things you need help keep organizing.

Click for some gorgeous Bullet Journal monthly spread ideas. 


Bullet Journal Weekly Spreads

Kanuary bullet journal weekly spread

Similar to the monthly spread but the weekly layout helps you get even more specific about tasks and your to-do lists.

Get some inspiration for your Bullet Journal weekly spreads here.  


Bullet Journal Productivity Layout

Productivity Spread For Bullet Journal

One of the best ways to get organized is by using the Time Blocking method.

This will get you organized and productive!

Find out all about this Bullet Journal productivity spread here. 


Bullet Journal Habit Trackers

Sleep log for Bullet Journal

You can track nearly any habit with a Bullet Journal tracker.

From a period tracker to a tracker for sleep habits. They are an easy way to keep your life organized and running smoothly.

You could even make an organizing tracker! They also help create the skill of self awareness which is a brilliant tool when you are trying to become more organized.

Find out how to use Habit Trackers for Bullet Journals here. 


Mood Trackers

year in pixels bullet journal

This one may seem like a strange addition to organizing posts.

A mood tracker like this Year In Pixels is actually a really helpful tool for staying organized.

Our moods affect every part of our life, including productivity and keeping organized.

By keeping track of how you are feeling and looking for patterns you can plan your whole life better.

Plan to declutter those disorganized cupboards when you know you will be full of energy, organize your social calendar around your moods, and more. 


Bucket Lists

Bullet Journal Christmas Bucket list

Everyone has a mental bucket list!

It could be for life, for a Holiday season, or before a certain birthday.

Have some fun and create a special Bullet Journal spread just for your bucket list.

It’s a great way to make sure you actually get around to ticking off some of those dreams and wishes. 


Personalized Collections

Step Tracker for Bullet Journal

There are unlimited collection ideas you could add to your Bullet Journal to help you become more organized.

We have collected a huge list of just some Bullet Journal Collection ideas here but you can customize any of them to suit you and your goals.

A great idea is to sit and think about what areas in life you need the most help organizing and how you could start becoming more organized. This could work for home, work or in a school bujo

Bullet Journal Setup - The ultimate step by step guide to set up a bullet journal

Then think about how you could plan and track this in your Bullet Journal. 


4. Bullet Journal Layouts To Organize Your Home


From meal planning to decluttering. There are lots of easy to create Bujo spreads that can help you get your home organized and keep it organized too!


KonMari Checklist

Konmari method for bujo

The KonMari Method is one of the best tools for decluttering.

It is easy to use the Konmari method with your Bullet Journal.

Check out our post on KonMari Method for Bullet Journal with a free KonMari checklist printable. 


Meal Planning

meal planning bullet journal collection

Using meal planning is a great way to get organized.

It will save you so much time and effort too. From shopping to cooking and preparing meals, it’s a brilliant way to eat healthily and stay on top of mealtimes in the home.

We have a great post on using your Bullet Journal for meal planning here. 


Bullet Journal Finance Trackers

Keeping your finances organized is super easy when you use a Bullet Journal.

You can have expense trackers, Savings trackers, Budget layouts, and lots more.

Get inspiration for Bullet Journal finance trackers that will work for you here. 


5. Bullet Journal Layouts To Organize Your Holidays


Holidays are always a time when you have extra events, more tasks, and special things to remember.

Create special Holiday layouts in your Bullet Journal to keep organized from Thanksgiving to Christmas, Easter, and more.


Holiday Planning Using Bullet Journal

bullet journal

Create a planning list! This could be for gifts, a special meal or a celebration party.

Find this Christmas Planning List here, but it’s super easy to customize this for any upcoming event.


6. Bullet Journal Supplies To Get Organized 



The great news is that all these organization spreads can be started at hardly any expense! Here are a few basic supplies you will need:

I hope you got a whole lot of new ideas on how to use your Bullet Journal to get organized.


If you have an amazing spread you just can’t live without, I would love to see and hear all about it in the comments. 



How to be organized with these easy Bullet Journal hacks. Organization Layouts that will help you be more productive and organized with all areas of your life.

Get Organized fast with these Bullet Journal organization ideas.

Organization layouts that will make getting organized easy. Organization tips, spreads and more.

How to get organized in your life using a Bullet Journal. Easy Bullet Journal Spreads that will get you organized fast.

Bullet Journal Organization Layouts


Robin Payne

Tuesday 14th of January 2020

I only began my bullet journal expedition in September, so I'm relatively new. I have set up my 2020 journal, but it won't hold everything I'd like to put in it, such as some daily layouts instead of all weekly. The only solutions I have come up with are having a separate journal for my projects, (I already have a separate one in which I'm am planning my 50th anniversary (April 2022) and a separate one for Christmas through the years), but even doing that, and not including some collections/lists I'd like, I only have enough room to include 3 or 4 months for this year. I've even added 70 pages in the back for my food diary and exercise tracker. My other solution would be to begin another notebook sometime during the year. Does anyone else have this problem? I'm an avid follower of your post. What advice can you give me.

Diary of a Journal Planner

Wednesday 15th of January 2020

Hi Robin, Thank you for commenting, we love hearing all about our reader's journeys. We just start new journals as we need personally, rather than the beginning of the year etc. So some years we may have a few journals that are completed. If you do want to use less space you could do tricks like create weekly spreads to save space but then use to-do list post-it notes for each day so you have more room. Another option is to use a ring binder ( you can still print off dotted pages if that is your preference). Then you can add pages as you go and need. I hope this helps. Happy Journaling.

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